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  1. Yeah the providers are getting better. The CM700 did its job, and I think its that Puma chip in there, cause my internet would bottleneck alot of times, and I wouldn't always get my speeds. I still stuck with it for a year, but I went did some research, and read up on the 7610 plus with how it works with the Netduma and for some reason the 7610 works better. Especially with gaming.. Its hard to explain, but it just does. lol.. It could be the honeymoon phase also, but as of right now, I'm enjoying the TP Link.
  2. I was kind of weary and doubtful and I didn't think it would make that much of a difference, but ohh boy.. It does!!! I would still get good games with the Netgear CM700 I had it for about a year and this was my usual report. Texas, Spectrum (TWC) Internet: 100 Up / 12 Down Netduma Wifi is disabled. I have my Netgear Nighthawk R7000 in AP Mode from the Netduma for the 2GHz and 5GHz wifi. Netduma R1 w/ Netgear CM 700 Netduma Settings: Antiflood 70/70, Upload Prioritisation 20% going to PS4, Hyper Traffic on, Ping Assist 0, Strict mode on, Distance at 1076km or 670miles Ping: 40-50ms during gaming (Fluctuates during different times of the day) DSLR Reports: Overall B, Bufferbloat A, Quality B. Netduma R1 w/ TP-Link TC 7610 Netduma Settings: Same as above Ping: 10-15ms during gaming (Fluctuates during different times of the day) DSLR Reports: Overall A+, Bufferbloat A+, Quality A+. I tested this for over a week, and the ping and DSLR Reports have been consistent with the data. Just wanted to share my thoughts on how by just switching out a modem, made COD WW2 and BO3 that much more enjoyable. I do recommend and think its worth the $45.00, but if your set up is working for you and you beasting, don't fix whats not broken. lol.. Later Duma Family.
  3. I was having the same issue. lol. Glad I checked here first, and yeah, it fixes the issue. Thanks!
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