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  1. No problem. Glad you guys are tracking that and a fix is in the works. Love DumaOS, as with anything new there will be some bugs and glitches. You guys are doing a great job fixing them and I can only see DumaOS getting even better with each and every update.
  2. Fraser, totally forgot to update you on this. i got this sorted out. Looks like under network monitor, some of my Apple TVs, Rokus, and IP cameras were labeled as Playstation by default. After changing the device type of the Apple TVs and Rokus to TV and the cameras to camera it seems to have made it so that my High Priority Traffic Detected red light is no longer on basically 24/7 and it is now working properly. Thanks.
  3. Glad it is working. I have never figured out why but Whenever I have someone who has a issue with printer staying connected, assigning it a static ip works 99% of the time. Btw this isn’t specific to the xr500 or dumaos. I have seen this issue on numerous routers, just wanted to clarify that
  4. I have encountered some printers are somehow picky about their ip given from the router. I have had success in the past by assigning a printer a static instead of it getting one from the router via DHCP. Give that a try If you need assistance on how to do this let me know
  5. I would like a beta firmware to test as well if possible please
  6. Well I have anti bufferbloat set to 70/70 when high priority traffic is detected. So I am only get 70% of my internet speed constantly. I’ll take some time today to get to the bottom of this and let you know what it was Thanks
  7. Could the fact that my PS4 pro is in rest mode and my Xbox one x is in quick turn on mode be causing this since they are not fully shut down?
  8. Fraser. I believe I am mistaken. I noticed the nanit was consistently uploading to its server so I assumed it was the culprit. I unplugged it and the red prioritized traffic light stayed on. I am trying to pinpoint the device that is causing this. Basically the red light stays on 24/7 and I always have reduced speeds due to the anti buffer bloat engaging always. I have a lot of devices on my network so it will take a while for me to pinpoint it
  9. Hello, I have noticed since adding the Nanit Baby Monitor Camera to my network that it it always detected as high priority traffic under the DumaOS Classified Games traffic prioritization feature. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up so that maybe this can be corrected somehow.
  10. You can turn off the 2.4ghz radio. Go to settings, advanced settings, advanced wireless. Uncheck enable wireless radio for the 2.4ghz one and click apply.
  11. Jb68. I had this issue too. It happened multiple times after updating firmwares previously. I then updated the firmware and factory reset it like Fraser is recommending and reconfigured everything from scratch. Working perfect now. It is a little bit of a pain to factory reset and reconfigure everything after firmware updates but taking the time to do that will prevent issues from arising
  12. Is there anything we need to do to receive/apply the cloud update?
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