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  1. All those images are the results from the XR700 with the beta firmware. Any settings I put the QOS at I get the same D- score.
  2. I am running the 3.0 beta version at this moment.
  3. I have changed the QOS slider all the way to 5 percent and set it to always on, still get the same results.
  4. I used to get all A+ with these settings on the R2 and it would go along with my QOS setting when they were changed. Then wouldnt that app be pointless if it didnt run with your QOS applied ? It would just be a regular speed test.
  5. Having issues with the Connection benchmark app where it only test my full connection speeds and not the bandwidth set in QOS. I was trying to read the forums about this issue but couldnt find anything about it. If anyone could help I would really appreciate it, thanks.
  6. I will have to look into that ! Thanks Zippy for the response.
  7. Dont get me wrong you guys make a fantastic product ! Im just doing this for fun and want to test, for myself, if there is any performance difference between the two routers. Gives me something to do in my spare time. I appreciate the fast response. Keep up the good work !
  8. Because I have two of them and one was given to me thats why !
  9. I have two Netgear XR500 routers and I want to be able to download DDwrt to one of them but for some reason it keeps bricking it and I have to use tftp to force it back to the stock frimware. Is there anyone that could help me with my situation ? if so I would very much appreciate it !
  10. Yes all on Xbox. This is a screenshot of my two friends that show up as servers.
  11. Pubg, Rocket League, CoD, and when I’m just in a party with friends they show as servers. Ya I would be glad to get early access to the new firmware when it is out. I want to say you guys have the greatest customer support. Again thanks for the help and for the fast response times.
  12. Is there a another problem you guys are having were people are showing up as servers and if so is there a fix for that ?
  13. I have always set up my Xbox while using IPv4 and IPv6 (link below). I’ve had the R1 with IPv6 enabled and it worked fine. When we tested it yesterday, the QOS was only affecting the upload speeds and not throttling the download speeds when using both IPv4/IPv6. https://support.xbox.com/en-AU/xbox-one/networking/ipv6-on-xbox-one.
  14. So I found the problem. So when using IPv4 and IPv6 on the console it wont filter the download speed. Only IPv4 it works. Why ?
  15. Nothing, still only affecting the upload speeds. Should I just do a factory reset and then try again ?
  16. Yes, still getting the full bandwidth after applying Anti-Buffer even with share excess off (Only on my console). Works for Upload speeds but not Download speeds. My console is wired, and the MAC/IP both match. Its also marked as Xbox on the device manager.
  17. It’s already on the mode ‘always’ for Anti bufferbloat. I have played COD, Pubg, and Rocket League, on the Xbox one X with the XR500. Friends or people don’t show up on the geo filter even if they are in my party. Thanks guys for the fast repsonse.
  18. Having problems of no friends showing on the geo filter or they are showing up as servers. Also my xbox is getting the full download after putting the slider down to 50% or any percentage.
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