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  1. The XR 500 is attached to a AT&T Motorola NVG599 in IP pass through using the XR 500 MAC address. The firmware is updated and things appear to be working but I keep getting the following error message: Uncaught ReferenceError: Chart is not defined and some features are not working any ideas regarding this?
  2. Thanks for the update looking forward for a fix.
  3. Thanks for you help. I will double check regarding bit defender. I look forward to the bit defender hot-fix when available.
  4. Today I booted computer that had bit defender disabled, refreshed chrome with ctrl + F5 and did nothing to the router and error messages are back and most features are not displaying properly.
  5. Today I have disabled Bit defender, refreshed chrome with ctrl + F5, and did router factory reset it now appears to be working again.
  6. Today I have repeated the instructions, disabled bit defender, rebooted router, rebooted PC, refreshed chrome with a CTRL + F5, logged into interface and now getting error messages again, the only thing I have not repeated is the reset of the router by pushing the pin in the back of the router.
  7. Everything appears to work when Bit defender is disabled, not a great option for someone with a multi-computer subscription. I will look forward to some resolution of this issue. Thanks for your help.
  8. I did a reset on the router by pushing the button on the back now everything appears to be working with bit defender disabled. it mentioned an ad-blocker detected I use chrome and I am not aware of an ad blocker in use or any extension like that.
  9. I did another router reboot and refresh/clear cashe on the browser and did get a change, now geo-filter gives Uncaught TypeError: c.draggable is not a function so now Qos, geo-filter, are not functioning as before. Regarding a factory reset from settings, I can not find that option, I am aware of factory reset by using the pin through the small hole in the back of the router is that what you are requesting?
  10. I have disabled bit defender and rebooted router, the router is unchanged as far as I can tell, when I click dashboard I get the Uncaught ReferenceError: Chart is not defined error. If I click network snapshot or network overview I get the Uncaught ReferenceError: Chart is not defined and no information regarding network is displayed. Geo-filter, Qos, and device manager seem to be functioning in some way as before.
  11. I do have bit defender, I am trying to figure out how to disable it. I did add the two addresses to white list and recycle the router by removing power, I don't see any difference. I had recently purchased the r1 and didn't have any issues with the same setup. When I initially set up the router wanted to change IP to the NVG99 ip is and I had this same experience with the while installing a netgear 7800.