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  1. Could you show me an example of the circle so I can get a good visual of it?
  2. I always go to the headquarter first, but today I tried not to and I did connect to a dedicated. Yesterday, I open my Geo Filter to about 2491.00km. That basically covers most of the dedicated server in the United States with my ping assist at 30ms. What so weird, every dedicated server I got in to was around my region, I'm assuming because of ping assist, also I had a peer to peer game and It felt unbelievable. But what was weird, that it was a big circle around California and it wasn't a dedicated server. Most of the players in that game were in the eastern part of the United States. I played team deathmatch, and out of 10 matches, I was number one and only had 1 death out of yall those games. Every player in the lobby was reacting really late when I appear. I live in Alabama, and the host was in California, But I do have my home set in the middle of the United States with strict mode on. If I was a host, why did it appear in California?
  3. Mines is 2491.00km, it actually plays worst when my geo filter is small. I also have ping assist on 30, I notice if I have it too small it's not going to always connect to that particular dedicated server for some reason. That video with the servers always gets big throughout my games letting me know which one I'm connecting to, the only way I know it's peer to peer is when the circle are not big and I see a couple of small circle on the geo filter and neither one of them are big.
  4. I don't see how, when I join them I get some insane gameplay. Also, the circle gets really big. That's how I know that I'm in that server, also that would be the only circle on my geofilter. I achieve 3 v2 rockets now.
  5. It happens to me sometimes too, this game is not going to always put you in one. The best way is to keep backing out and keep trying to join one which is a pain. I live in Alabama and most of the time I get put in Georgia, Florida, and Texas. I turned strict mode off because I notice that it's not going to always connect you to that dedicated server unless you stay in that lobby and constantly check you geo filter to make sure you're in that dedicated server.
  6. I'm going to point you to a video and do this to every cod game to see the servers.
  7. Have you did the headquarters method, it would put you on a dedicated server.
  8. I was messing around with the Geo filter in netduma trying to figure out why sometimes I would get amazing games and some were just laggy and horrible. Someone mention on the forums that you should enter the headquarters before playing or looking for a public game. The reasoning behind this, so you will be able to connect to dedicated servers which is weird. I thought we are automatically connected to the dedicated server no matter how we start our game, but by doing this it was an amazing connection. I was connected to a Texas dedicated server and you would know this because it's a huge single circle, it would say temp band, and also it would sometime be the only big circle on the Geo filter. The gameplay was amazing, I even achieve my first V2 rocket. To stay on that dedicated server I had to stay in the lobby. If I tried to leave it would eventually search for another game and 5 out of 10 it would put me in a peer-to-peer lobby or another dedicated server. I even tried temp band most server and just connect to one. That doesn't do any justice on trying to consistently connect to the dedicated server. COD WW2 just really throw us all over the place when it comes to connecting to a dedicated server. I didn't have the netduma before black ops 3, but I knew bo3 wasn't bad when it comes to connecting to a dedicated server because it would tell you at the top right corner. I have to sometimes just back out of games until I get on a dedicated server. What are you guys opinion on the subject?
  9. Is it common for another player to lag a lot?
  10. Every time I try dslreport on Xbox it crashes, it gives me an error about the upload speed.
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