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  1. just got the netgear xr500 and im on firmware v2.3.2.56 and im getting in game lag. Can you help me with some topics that can help me with settings?
  2. This is on the router when i log on the xbox= teredo 192.168.88.xx port =3074 in the UpNp = nat type "getting info" and when i clear the mac address it say demonware port mapping 199.168.88.xx port = 3075 in the UpNp = nat type OPEN Teredo XBOXONE 3074 3074 UDP Teredo XBOXONE 3074 3074 UDP Teredo XBOXONE 3074 3074 UDP
  3. Im able to use the ND interface now. My question to you is whats gooing on when your nat type on the xbox x console say "getting info" and it wont let you use party chat but when i clear my alternative mac address it say "nat type open" and i can host a party. Is it the router or modem?
  4. what can I do if I forgot my password?
  5. IP (xbox) "teredo problem" chromebook "interface problem" As far as the interface my password isnt working its like im locked out. Is it any kind of way that some one can access my router remotely and see whats going on?
  6. when I put 192.168.88.xx it say "no such file directory" I thought it was my laptop coundn"t get to the interface i tried another one and it still didnt work. Tried a factory reset on the xbox x and it worked for a little while until the next day and the Teredo IP error came back again. Tried the reset but I can"t get to the Netduma R1 Interface. I can connect to my router usiing my password with my cell, laptop but the same PW dont work on the interface.
  7. when I try to connect to xbox live my Nat type say TEREDO I can play but cant connect with any parties. Still can't access my netduma interface to fix the problem.
  8. Didn't work any other suggestions?
  9. Can't access my netduma r1 interface. This started right after my upgrade. Got any ideas? Can administration please send my password to the interface via Email.
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