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  1. Тry putting it in about 10 hrs, I tried at 17 hrs, now I dropped it to 10 hrs and it's ok.
  2. Since I changed DHCP lease I had no problems, I will track it for several days and if there is a problem I will write. Thanks for the help!
  3. I extended it to 17 hours. Тomorrow night I will get the result.
  4. I think something is wrong with hardware, it happens exactly in about 12 hours.It`s like overloaded and then games start laging.
  5. I tried to clear the cashe but it`s the same.
  6. Otherwise the new version works perfectly for me, it looks very good, thanks for the well done and hard work.
  7. This is a photo from when I did not have access, there is no error message just what I have shown in the picture, the browser is trying to load the page and it is, I am currently with Milestone 1.3 but all versions of this happen to me.
  8. waiting for I wait 15 minutes and nothing happens. I try from another device and it does not happen again until I pull the plug
  9. I use Google Chrome, yes I have Internet access, I can`t open interface from other devices.
  10. I have the following problem R1 works around 10-15 hours and then the interface does not want to load into the browser, I tried the same thing from another device, I tried to leave the interface open and it did not help, the only thing that helps is pulling the plug. Some suggestions?
  11. To me it looks much better, the discards from the game have decreased by 90%, finding a game is getting faster and it connects me to all the dedi server in my geo-filter location. The game also has some problems but coupled with the current version of the duma os is even worse.
  12. I had the same problems with duma os I returned the original R1 firmware and now everything looks great, I find games right away and I do not have to restart 10 times per night.I think to wait for the milestone update and then try again. I apologize for the English.
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