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  1. You got me wrong mate. Not laughing at you, just at poor guy who doesn't "understand" your solution;) Nice one.
  2. Are you for real? Most of the win traders do this for money and they see no reason to share it with everyone to cut profits.
  3. Lol. Free method. Just buy second console, Netgear router, boost their discord by donation or waste some time getting you "server level " to certain point, learn how to set it up and eventually you will be getting your dream flawless for "free ". That really cheap compare to 10 or 15 pounds flawless. And obviously you cannot charge for " their " method because you will become " scamer ". lol Why you guys not mentioning that there is completely different method not from your discord which allows anyone to become flawless solo then ? But you are constantly spamming with you "magic discord " every time answering someone. Or other way which gives you 100% win rate with 2 consoles. You are nit the only ones doing this for sure. And if someone put some effort to set it up he can ask for whatever he wants, money or favour, it's his "time and effort " so stop telling people what they can or cannot do please.
  4. There are currently 3 ways of doing this, good luck with patching all of them Luckily none of them require simply buying a router with geo And if it's not free less people will be flooding LFG
  5. What's the point of sharing this for free? We all know why people want to use it. Obviously only to "help friends That's why they invested in buying Netgear router;) lol BTW There are some discord servers where you can find answers for "free" if you don't want to pay someone for full method installation and guide. Pretty sure Saint-14 spammed this at some point.
  6. Me personally just fine;) SDR no longer an issue.
  7. Lol Saint-14. Not trying to sell anything. But on my discord i can tell whatever to Win traders who are looking for ways to make their living again Especially if your way is more complicated and they cannot get it to work
  8. I never asked for money to check it mate . And please use English as you've used when you texted me
  9. No easier way to join me and check. My discord above:)
  10. Alleged said guy buying router to do Flawless with clan mates
  11. ImStableMrNobody#7659 if you seriously looking for way to get it done easy.
  12. Or maybe I'm just too lazy to learn. Just saying that there is other way to get 100 percent win rate without being IT specialist. And its working.
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