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  1. I tried already on a mac same thing, it seems when i press the reset button only once or hold it seems to do the same thing ... Any other idea?
  2. I tried it's not working either. My R1 configured with login and password of my isp and it was working like a charm, i had just a bug where i couldn't access the geo filter. I think the issue is that i cannot reset my R1, therefore, wifi is not accessible and the fact that i use it as a main router confuse all system? Is there a way to reinstall the default setting via USB? T
  3. I tried to reboot the R1 I hold the button for 30 sec until I hear a beep, it seems to restart, but I'm not able to see the Netduma R1 name being broadcasted. When I connect the ethernet directly to the pc yes I do have connection light appearing on the port I m connecting.
  4. Hi, I couldn't access some part of the interface I decided to remove the netdumas and restart from scratch ( probably a bad idea) My netdumas was acting as the main router with login and password set, using my isp as a bridge ( optic fiber ). I decide to revert back with my isp router getting the login and password to be able to figure out what's going on. When I connected my net dumas i couldn't access the interface ( note that the wifi was deactivated by me before ). It doesn't seem to provide me any ip ( ip config give me ) I'm still running the old os by the way i sent a msg on the forum for the update but i never got an answer for it. I tried to connect directly to port 4 but no dice, i m not sure what to do. I tried a hardware reset by holding the little button at the back until beep and restart but no dice. Please, advice, Taybouts.
  5. I am on 1.03.3, i have remote access enable and would like to update. Thank you.
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