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  1. Sorry but let you know what? it all connects but I can not add devices to geo filter as the as button does not work die to the uncaught exception ? I just need them toto the error and allow me to add devices to the geo filter again, Sorry missed read the last comment
  2. yes i would rather that a dev could do this as I have spent a lot of time setting it up how long will it take for them to fix this?
  3. HI yes I can confirm its connected exactly as before, I know this is the case as it automatically detects the name of the xbox and it has also assigned the same IP address. ITs set up as a console and its connected via ethernet. is their not a way to manually going in to see the config and removing the one it think it is
  4. HI yes exact name and exact ip address as I had this setup in the lan setting and reserved this to the xbox and same type. The UI seems very buggy as I am also seeing devices with the same name and different mac address even though its only one device IE my daughters Iphone is showing 4 times it may be unrelated. Im reluctant to factory reset as I have spent time setting up restrictions in the traffic controller etc. The console connect via ethernet Surely the UI should stop this you know what they say about users. it should not allow you to delete from the geo filter and if you do then it should not error but remove it from the list if it can not find it rather than error out and then make the add device unuseable
  5. I had my xbox added to the geo filter when it was online. It was then removed as it was offline using the device manager accidently. When going back to the geo filter map you get an error stating uncaught Unmatched device. The xbox is back on line with the same device name as previously. I still get the same error and Then you cant add any device when clicking the add device in geo filter map nothing happens. Its pretty poor considering the price of the router that this basic functionality is buggy that it cant find or you cant re add it again. I am reluctant to do a factory reset considering it took me a while to set up the router in the first place. I have rebooted but still getting the same issue. The router is only a week old. I have raised this also with netgear support. Xr1000
  6. HI does the netgear xr1000 pro with support the traffic controller with the scheduling and additional blocking of streaming sites etc at specific times https://netduma.com/features/traffic-controller/ Thanks
  7. Unable to apply settings because: 'Unable to set CC algorithm.'. Please contact http://forum.netduma.com
  8. Getting a message on Xbox to use IPV 6 and check out the forum and says will have less chatter
  9. Hi can someone help pleaseI have enabled IPV 6 but the router keeps dropping IPV6 back to IPV4 I can see this happening when I have the xbox connected
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