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  1. I would like to have dumaos 3.0 for my netduma R1. I v signed up to Beta mailing list :)) hope you provide me the link in DM 😬 have a nice day
  2. You should better call your internet service provider since your db snr upstream margin is too low, and you may also incur in some packets lost or connection drops
  3. Yes, you have to downgrade first to 1.03.5 and then again to 1.03.4
  4. Settings? (Reactive/preamptive , miscellaneous, ipv6 ecc..)
  5. And what about unleashing the new firmware as a Gmaster update -like Apple and other companies get use to do since years - a sort of Last Beta to the public (without the possibility to downgrade), just 2/3 weeks before the final version in which Netduma Team are gonna implement all the missing features, and whoever update to DumaOs, going forward, wil be asked to install the new version with the back compatibility thing? I CAN NO LONGER AWAIT!!! Hahah
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