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  1. @Netduma Fraser Looks like that may have done the trick. I'm now getting around 600-700 mbps down now. Thanks for the help! I'll consider this one solved, and now i know what to do if this happens again.
  2. @Netduma Fraser yup, misread the date as 11/28. This is highly unfortunate timing for this to happen. I'll try as you suggested and let ya know either way. Appreciate the help
  3. @Netduma Fraser I am already on the latest firmware, but i can try a factory reset anyway as suggested. As you saw in my screenshot, i've had the XR300 for less than a year. This is pretty insane that it would not be covered under a warranty at this point. If the factory reset doesn't fix the issue, do you have any other suggestions? No way am i going out and buying a brand new router when this one is not even a year old.
  4. @Netduma Fraser Totally understand the test. Thanks for the help Fraser. I'll submit a ticket for a replacement at the link you provided. I am assuming there should be no cost associated? Edit - I am struggling to find how to open a case. It appears the standard product warranty has expired for Hardware/phone/email/chat support.
  5. @Netduma Fraser Both Ethernet & Wifi speeds are now 300mbps. Definitely better, but still only 1/3 of what i get when the xr300 is taken out of the setup. Also lose the dumaos features with it setup in AP mode.
  6. @Netduma Fraser That actually slowed it a bit Still getting around 75mbps
  7. @Netduma Fraser It doesn't run a speed test at any point of the setup wizard.
  8. @Netduma Fraser No Problem. Take a look. Had to do 2 screenshots since I had to scroll
  9. @Netduma Fraser Yup. Added a screenshot of the QoS page as well.
  10. HI All, Been using Duma since the R1 and then upgraded a while back to the XR300. Switched to Fiber over the summer (1G/1G) and had no issues with my XR300. Was typically getting between 600-800mbps down. Within the last few weeks, I am no longer getting anywhere near my full speeds. I am now only getting 60-80mbps down. My configuration was not changed and I even reset everything and set it back up and no difference. When I take the XR300 out of play by hardwiring to the ATT R/M (Pace 5286AC), I receive my full speeds. Once I put the XR300 back in play, the speeds drop to 60mbps. I have the ATT R/M setup with the XR300 in DMZ+ mode, and QOS is disabled in the XR300. Any thoughts how to get back my full speeds? I've followed the knowledgebase and the optimal settings guides but no luck.
  11. Yess i am on the latest firmware. My R1 is only a month old as well. Already tried all of those recommendations with no difference
  12. Yes i have ran a speedtest with the sliders at 100%. No difference. I even rebooted the R1 to confirm the settings took and same result
  13. Shouldn't be the cable as i've tried a diifferent cable with the same result. yes all my settings in the R1 are correct. only differeence is i have my download &upload cap set to 70 each as everyone seems to say that's the best. All of these speeds tests have been wired from a pc sitting next to the router.
  14. Apologize in advance for the bulky post, but I want to provide as much background information as possible to help speed the process. I have 2 separate but similar issues. All speeds I am referring to are Hardwired. Nothing is related to Wi-Fi. Solving first issue will most likely solve the second. Significantly slower speeds when wired into the R1 vs wired directly into the ISP router/modem combo. Bandwidth on CoD ww2 ridiculously low ISP - ATT Speeds Paid for: 30 mbps down 5 mbps up Current Speeds obtained (wired into R1): 8-12 mbps down 1 mbps up Current Speeds obtained (Wired into ISP modem): 28 mbps down 3.5 mbps up Connection setup - ATT Modem --> R1 ATT router/modem combo does not have a specified DMZ. They have DMZ+ mode, which is not the same. This is how I have it configured. PS4 Speeds (I know these are not accurate but figured I would post them anyway for more background info): Down: 15mbps Up: 910kbps I have open NAT on CoD (didn't before but i fixed it when put into the DMZ+ mode) so that is no longer an issue. My issue is with the in game bandwidth (can see under in-game settings -> console info) being significantly lower then before. Cod Bandwidth before & after issue started: Before: 3100 Kbps After: 900 Kbps This is causing me to drop to 1 bar often. I also notice on the geofilter I will go from a solid ping (below 50ms on average) to skipping around between 280-400ms. If I run the internet diagnosis on my R1, I get the following: Ping Jitter Spikes Packet Loss Good Exceptional Exceptional No Loss As someone who works full time in the IT industry (cybersecurity) I am at a loss for a solution. If anyone has any suggestions/advice/solutions or even if anyone else is in a similar situation, please let me know. I appreciate any and all help/feedback
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