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  1. Yess i am on the latest firmware. My R1 is only a month old as well. Already tried all of those recommendations with no difference
  2. Yes i have ran a speedtest with the sliders at 100%. No difference. I even rebooted the R1 to confirm the settings took and same result
  3. Shouldn't be the cable as i've tried a diifferent cable with the same result. yes all my settings in the R1 are correct. only differeence is i have my download &upload cap set to 70 each as everyone seems to say that's the best. All of these speeds tests have been wired from a pc sitting next to the router.
  4. Apologize in advance for the bulky post, but I want to provide as much background information as possible to help speed the process. I have 2 separate but similar issues. All speeds I am referring to are Hardwired. Nothing is related to Wi-Fi. Solving first issue will most likely solve the second. Significantly slower speeds when wired into the R1 vs wired directly into the ISP router/modem combo. Bandwidth on CoD ww2 ridiculously low ISP - ATT Speeds Paid for: 30 mbps down 5 mbps up Current Speeds obtained (wired into R1): 8-12 mbps down 1 mbps up Current Speeds obtained (Wired into ISP modem): 28 mbps down 3.5 mbps up Connection setup - ATT Modem --> R1 ATT router/modem combo does not have a specified DMZ. They have DMZ+ mode, which is not the same. This is how I have it configured. PS4 Speeds (I know these are not accurate but figured I would post them anyway for more background info): Down: 15mbps Up: 910kbps I have open NAT on CoD (didn't before but i fixed it when put into the DMZ+ mode) so that is no longer an issue. My issue is with the in game bandwidth (can see under in-game settings -> console info) being significantly lower then before. Cod Bandwidth before & after issue started: Before: 3100 Kbps After: 900 Kbps This is causing me to drop to 1 bar often. I also notice on the geofilter I will go from a solid ping (below 50ms on average) to skipping around between 280-400ms. If I run the internet diagnosis on my R1, I get the following: Ping Jitter Spikes Packet Loss Good Exceptional Exceptional No Loss As someone who works full time in the IT industry (cybersecurity) I am at a loss for a solution. If anyone has any suggestions/advice/solutions or even if anyone else is in a similar situation, please let me know. I appreciate any and all help/feedback
  5. Update.... I was still not able to place the R1 in a dmz of my isp modem. However, I was able to fix my own NAT type. Only issue is now my speeds slowed down tremendously.
  6. I cant seem to get the dmz working properly and thus my nat type is remaining strict/moderate. Also, my connection speeds have slowed drastically. The only thing that changed was i had my ISP replace the modem due to a failure with the other one.
  7. Thank you for the statement. I have one last question which hasn't been addressed. With the release of DumaOS in April, will the R1 support 5ghz wifi? You mentioned speed optimization, does that mean the WiFi may improve as well? I would love to stick with the duma if there will still be unique features, but the poor wifi is a huge drawback.
  8. My point is i dont want to buy another router for 5ghz. the new nighthawk will Have good wifi and dumaos. There is no reason to have the netduma now. Nighthawk with dumaos >>>
  9. As someone who just bought the NETDUMA a few weeks ago i am extremely upset about this announcement and feel like im getting cheated. The wifi on the duma is bad And doesnt even support 5g. Only reason i went with the duma over the nighthawk was for the geofilter. If i knew this combo was coming out i would have waited. Will there be a chance to exchange for the new nighthawk running dumaOs? Really unfair for people who just bought the netduma within that last month. This should have been announced around the holidays.
  10. Yup believe me i'm annoyed. I have a networking background and can't figure it out. Honestly I just blame AT&T for being shit
  11. Since introducing it to my setup, I have never had open NAT type. Historically, yes I have been Open but it would sometimes go moderate. Never Strict. Haven't tried removing the duma all together from the equation as i feel that defeats the purpose.
  12. Nope. Never get kicked from games. & I am never open nat on game, at best i am moderate. As for the ip of my ps4, i am 100% sure it is static and hasn't changed.
  13. Ports forwarded correctly and done exactly as described. UPnP disabled as well on both netduma and modem. console has been off and geo filter off as well. (However when they are disabled i am unable to find matches at all.) Only thing i haven't tried is switching static ip of ps4. I don't see why that would make a difference though. Still worth noting. For the first few games I am moderate NAT type on game, then it switches to strict and i can't fix it.
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