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  1. Throughout the day, mainly during the night my router decides to restart? it happens maybe 2/3 times a day, every single day? I could be gaming & bang, I'm disconnected.
  2. As appears theirs only some dedicated servers which you can temp ban, I guess they're the ones which are stored in cloud?
  3. If I'm mid-game & I then go ahead and temp block a dedi-server, would this kick me from the game? or would it wait until a new connection is established to it before denying?
  4. I had this exact same problem but was for every game mode on every game, only way I could fix was by assigning the default profile again (Gaming) & then updating my Geo-Filters back to how I wanted them
  5. Just a little update, I managed to fix this by simply performing a factory reset
  6. I don't see any servers that are being blocked, and I've gone ahead and tried that to no avail? does it take a while for the geo-filter to unapply?
  7. Whenever I try to access any games with online services such as FIFA 18 or FortNite, I'm getting "Connecting to the servers...." forever, I tried resetting my console etc.. I'm guessing it's rejecting the servers or something along those lines. I'm based in the UK and here's the Geo-Filter settings I've got: Peer Ping - Disabled Auto Ping Host - Enabled Strict Mode - Enabled (I tried both Enabled & Disabled) Low Res Map - Disabled Show Dormant Hosts - Enabled Show Legend - Enabled And as for the other 2 settings I've got: Filter By Distance - 3500.00km Ping Assist - 35.00ms
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