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  1. Resetting whilst disconnecting all Ethernet cables worked. Cheers Zippy 👊🏼
  2. My XR500 desperately needs a firmware upgrade but have been unable to log in to the Admin console. Username and password does not work.. after three attempts failing, Entering the serial number produces two questions that don’t apply to me so it doesn’t solve access. So next upon attempting factory reset the router seems to just freeze. With a few flashing lights on the front and no connection established. Any ideas go to resolve this? thanks
  3. Those options not available anywhere on my browser so went to settings and cleared cache option. Now browser is grey screen stating there's no internet connection. I can't access the admin console via ms edge, chrome or Firefox.
  4. I had to press the reset button on the xr500 and it's now at least connected into the admin console via the Wi-Fi route. Ran through the setup wizard, speed test ran automatically and picked up bandwidth ok, and then it asked to do a firmware update.. clicked next and screen is currently blank with the central loading circle in perpetual clockwise motion. Wi-Fi on laptop is still saying no internet access.. is this just the update stopping internet access or does it sound like an issue. (Not sure how long an update takes but it's been several minutes.. and my download bandwidth is 220)
  5. Laptop connected to xr500 by Ethernet cable. gives grey screen with message the site is unreachable. Also windows diagnostics says Ethernet does not have a valid up configuration. Virgin hub address is
  6. Received the XR500 today and have plugged it into my Virgin media hub (modem mode) in the same way that the old duma was plugged in but there's no internet connection and can't even access the netgear router interface. Please can anyone help get me up and running? Thanks.
  7. Hi, A friend of mine has a Netduma and just signed up to Zen ADSL internet in his new place, which requires him to use his own router. Please could anyone in the know recommend the best way set up the Netduma? and whether a separate/specific modem is needed? [i think the ISP has just provided him with username/password and his static IP Address]. Thanks
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