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  1. No I’m not. It won’t let me access it and I feel like it has to be cause any other router detects the internet. If it doesn’t detect the internet it won’t let me access the interface the only times it has actually worked is when I didn’t have a plugged in for a long time and then called isp they do a hard reset on the modem and send it a ping and then it works. Any other router I can reset whenever and I don’t have to deal with my ISP at all.
  2. So when I first got the R2 I called my isp and they sent a new ping to my modem and the R2 found the internet. Worked great. Next day I got to reset my internet like I do everyday because I have Spectrum cable and it’s trash and it helps when I reset. So then the R2 couldn’t find the internet no matter what I did. Called isp they couldn’t figure out and I got upset and just gave up. I factory reset and did everything I could think. So just the other day I decided to try again. Wouldn’t work. Called ISP and they got it to work. Went to reset today cause I had too and it can’t find the internet. This is very very frustrating. I loved my R1 but this R2 is becoming a pain in my ass. Please help.
  3. Hi, This is the first time hooking up my Netduma R2. I normally get about 850 download and 40 upload for isp. Wondering what I should input for download and upload setting on Netduma. If lowering would give me better ping.
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