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  1. My R1 is in perfect condition. I have not used it for over 6 months. It has been waiting for the new DumaOS
  2. Now I play most of the time on server from Denmark. Server from Moscov is not always that good so I changed my homepoint to Sweden.
  3. Maybe my games were terrible enough before the Netduma that now it feels good
  4. Today I played 8 hours of CoD WWII while using Netduma R1. I set distance to 1500km and got steady 30-40ms ping every game. So far so good and no lagging. Thank you for the great product!
  5. I have been hunting campers with SMG's since MW3 (played since MW2) and usually with 3-3.5KD. Top reasons for me why it is now harder to deal with campers 1) Can't stay out of the radar, have silent footsteps and use silencer. 2) SMG's are not that good in this game. Even BAR kills faster in close combat. 3) Connection issues. 4) SBMM (Or other players just got way better in 1 month) There has allways been campers after the CoD release. Now they just made the camping so much easier.
  6. Thank you Jack for the welcome and fast reply. I will give it a go.
  7. Hi, This is my current setup: Internet connection is cable. Download 1000Mbps and upload 100Mbps. Wall – ISP modem / router (bridge mode) 1) Router 1 (Asus RT-AC68U + 8 port switch + Asus AP RP-AC56) in House 1. PS4 wired connection and DMZ. 2) Router 2 (Asus RTAC66U) - Bridge 1 (house1) - Bridge 2 (house 2) - Asus AP RP-AC56 The house 1 and 2 have a separate internal networks and different external IP. I can have 4 external IP's. The internet speed in house 2 is about 20/20Mbps because of the wireless bridge. There are about 20 devices using internet altogether and most of them have a static IP. The bandwidth (other devices using it) is not a problem when playing with PS4. I have not found any benefit of using QoS. I'm thinking of trying the Netduma R1 for the PS4 only (Mostly CoD, but allso other FPS games) because of the Geo-filter. The quality of connection is so much depending on the host/server in that game. The connection quality does not really change during the game. Do you think it would be worth to try this setup? I quess running everything through Netduma R1 would be a bit hassle in my setup and it would allso limit the download speed. -Ghost
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