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  1. I am finding trouble connecting to some servers, for example without geofilter I can connect to english dedicated but with geofilter I only connect to germany and italy when I manage to connect.
  2. Note to the admins I believe that this host is badly marked since it is 8251km away and ping is at 45ms 679757223406656a
  3. Hi there, I have trouble finding Games when using Geo-Filtering on PS4 (WW2). Settings I have set up=> 1111.00 KM 60.00 MS Strict mode OFF When testing through internet diagnostics through the router interface, Max ping is 56MS Nat type is OPEN and static ip is also setup. When I turn off Geo-Filtering, I find lobbies fast and sometimes they are not that bad. Sometimes even dedicated servers are found.
  4. I managed to solve the nat and speed issue without using pppoe though the 900ms interface still remains even though there does not seem to be any lag. Sometimes it shows normal as 40ms but most of the time it shows 900ms
  5. Already have these set up and tested, but to no avail. I will do an internet diagnosis test tomorrow but my bandwith is around 200mbps down and 20mbps up so speeds of 80mbps down is really bad and already tried to test on different server (speedtest.net and isp speedtest website) so that is not an issue. Unfortunately due to other isp services connected to their modem router this is the only way to disable nat translation completely on their behalf thus eliminating their side of the problem by connecting through pppoe with the duma. The router works fine when it is connected behind the isp modem router but I am having nat problems which are leading to a mess with all router functionality because their router does not have dmz function and port forwarding is good but works randomly (example:today it was open after 2 hours playing it turned strict with port forwarding still active). So if this pppoe issue is resolved their router would just become a passthrough and no problems at all.
  6. The mtu is set to auto on the duma and my modem was on and synced fully but speeds still dropped from over 200mbps to 80mbps Thanks though
  7. Wouldn't it be easier to fix the pppoe connection on the duma as you would require the consumer to buy another router which is not very satisfactory whilst the duma should be able to handle the bandwidth automatically. I managed to find a temporary solution about not finding lobbies but it all revolves around the netduma pppoe connection fix to make it a permanent solution. Very disappointed with this feature and hope it gets resolved as I won't be recommending due to this fact
  8. So pppoe is still capping my internet speed. I managed to play a couple of games with geo filter but today even though no issues were reported I still could not find a dedicated server thus no lobbies.In regards to your question about misc , no I did not have any internet at that time thus the error although it is not quite user friendly.
  9. The browser I use is Google Chrome Duma theme: Default Nat: Open in game and type 2 in ps4 settings No servers where marked as locked and strict mode is always off for me as when I enable it, I could not even connect in the game for some reason. Ping assist at the moment is 35ms and as I mentioned in my latest post it worked fine last night. I think the issue as you mentioned was a graphical error which prevented the use of host filtering as of last night after a couple of factory resets, the issue seemed to disappear though I will confirm after having tested it out more in detail When you mentioned the ww2 servers I believe that this was not a server blame as when I switched the host filtering off, it worked perfectly fine though some lobbies where a bit laggy(not unplayable) that is why I believe that this could be some sort off bug not the actual servers.Also with the filtering on I could not find a game lobby with friends but when a friend hosts it worked just fine apart from the ping marking 900ms+ even though the lobby was not lagging. Version: R1 debug version 1.03.6h running on rb-951g-2hnd . Credits
  10. So yesterday I tried some tweaks to try and adjust this, first thing I tried was to assign my public ip to the netduma router(It is an equivalent to dmz on my isp router) which for some reason does a factory reset when it reboots or after some time causing a loss of all settings then I ruled out that possibility and tried to connect with pppoe connection directly from the duma, as my isp router is a technicolor which is restricted in some ways; though the connection speed seemed to drop tremendously and I couldn't use this solution as I was wasting alot of bandwith. The final thing I tried was to port forward the duma from my isp router and also enable upnp and I believe that after the factory resets in step 1 it might have come to a solution as last night I was able to play very well with connections of 40ms to Germany and Italy. Still will run some more test tonight to see how it holds up and I will repost my findings. Just some Questions : Is there a way to improve the speeds on pppoe cause I read in some forums that it may be capped? Is it a know bug that the duma factory restarts and fails to load misc page when assigned a public ip or is it just my duma? Thanks for all the responses I really appreciate the support and feedback from the duma community and the duma team. And best of all great product keep up the good work
  11. Hi there, This is a screenshot of the occurence: https://gyazo.com/8cc405d5fe65eb01e879caa2d39138ab I noticed that this problem occurs only when geofilter is active, also when geofilter is active I can find lobbies in ww2 only when I am solo otherwise when I have friends in the party I am not able to find a lobby and due to my location strict mode is always off thus it should be able to connect to dedicated servers just fine. Connection is also open. Did a factory reset just yesterday to test out but it did not work Edit: Not finding lobbies even solo with filtering on.Had to turn it off. I tried some tests using the Gui interface and noticed that when tracing the route there are nodes from the united states which I believe could be the cause https://gyazo.com/029bcac93425291f4b93ad86e36c59a2
  12. Hi, I'm playing cod ww2 on dedicate due to my location and when I ping the server it is showing alot of ping which I do not usually have. Most of the time over 900ms. I noticed that this happens only when the geofilter is enabled because while it is disabled the ping is normal. Any idea why this is happening? Geofilter is supposed to reduce lag not increase it. Also with the filtering on it is not finding any lobbies.
  13. Having this issue as well on ps4. These are the settings I am using. when I ping players manually (those which are refused) some of them have 1000 ms which i do not think is accurate since even some dedicated which were marked but not able to connect to still marked over 900ms. https://gyazo.com/5bb9f4ea342402779373daa7d0ffec40 Also I am having a very slow and unresponsive gui but in my situation I cannot afford to turn off upnp and port forwarding as other solutions indicate and I have been getting this issue lately.
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