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  1. It’s finally working again. Im not sure what the problem was. All I did was go on the Xbox and manually entered the IP address and everything and it connected . Then I tried the phone and laptop and connected so i am not sure what the problem was, but thank y’all for all the help and support.
  2. Alright I did a factory reset and can connect, but still says no internet access and constantly blinks on the netduma router when it’s hooked up to the modem instead of a solid color
  3. Alright so i was able to pull up the r1 interface on chrome on another computer only when i hook up an ethernet plug to it wired to the netduma router and the netduma router to the modem. I was able to hook my phone up to the "netduma r1" but doesnt receive any WIFI from it. On the interface I ran a test on the internet diagnosis and it said ping was terrible, jitter was terrible, spikes were terrible, and packet loss was no loss. I dont know if my settings are jacked up on here and what exactly to change.
  4. I haven’t tried that password yet . And I have tried the Ethernet cord and still nothing. Maybe it won’t let me access it until at least one device is hooked up to it then grants it permission to I don’t know but I’m gonna try that and post if it worked or not. Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. I am in need of assistance and need help. I have had the Netduma router for quite awhile now and has never given me problems. But recently it has not been working. I tried to give it a hard reset and still nothing. It shows up throughout the house as the WIFI and everything, but when we try to connect any device to it, it wont connect and would say something like incorrect password. We tried the password we changed it to and the default one and still nothing. We can not even get on the R1 interface page anymore, it constantly says error and will not let us access it. We thought it was our modem so we got that replaced but still same problem with the Netduma router. Please help.
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