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  1. Hey BIG__DOG, Ya my Orbi is in AP mode. I did check to make sure the Upnp was turned off, and it was. The only thing I can do is put it on DMZ mode, which I’d rather not, or factory reset the Netduma. Btw, this problem didn’t happen before. Just one day it just started to act this way. Don’t know why but ever since it’s been acting this way. Thanks again for your help!
  2. Hey big dog!! Ty for your help! My setup is a Motorola sb191 that’s hooked straight to the Netduma. From there my Netduma is hooked up directly to my orbi. My orbi is set to bridge. And gives out the WiFi. WiFi is turned off on my Netduma. I have all the necessary ports open but didn’t check to see if the upnp is on. If it is off is there another resolution? Ty again for your help!
  3. Here’s another pic of something odd. For some reason even though I live Vegas, I’m connected to this server all the way out here. I’ve attached a photo for you to see!
  4. OK, so I have a problem my Xbox one X. What seems to be happening is when I turn my host filtering off or on, it will still show me a strict or unavailable Nat type. I tried resetting my router, opening all the ports necessary to make sure I have an open NAT. I have also tried to change the IP address as well but nothing seems to work. Please HELP!! I’ve attached a photo so you guys can see what’s going on.
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