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    jayvee028 reacted to Netduma Alex in XR500 Firmware version released.   
    I realize this update is quite small, but the changelog isn't exhaustive, and we do have big updates on the way.
    Keep an eye out next week because we're planning a blog post that will reveal some exciting information about our plans for the next milestone.
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    jayvee028 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Firmware in final testing   
    Special people don't have it, 99% of the consumers do not have this, only a few testers that have been testing with Netgear for a long time. We don't decide who tests Netgear routers, that is up to them. Once a firmware has passed all tests then it will be released. Part of the testing is endurance testing which means it must run for a certain amount of time without rebooting, turning off, disconnecting itself etc. That is just one part of the tests and that in itself takes a long time. I understand your frustration but please be patient, I imagine you'd rather a firmware that works but takes a little longer to be released than one that doesn't but is released quickly.
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    jayvee028 reacted to Netduma Fraser in XR500 DDwrt Firmware   
    There is an update being tested at the moment so hopefully that will be released soon. I realise it is frustrating but very frequent updates isn't something every company can do and for something as important as a router it's vital to not hurry out updates.
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    jayvee028 reacted to Vizkos in [XR500] Wired device showing as offline in list, but port itself says connected   
    I downgraded to .32 last night and was able to look at it tonight.  It appears that the issue is not present on .32.
    My PC is showing as online when I boot it and look at the manager. My S8000 switch is not showing as online, which is what I expect, since its a switch.  My Xbox and TV also show as online when I start them and move to offline when I turn them off, as expected. I will continue to monitor.
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    jayvee028 reacted to Zippy in Info for Netduma Team.. XR500 Issues..   
    Hello Netduma!  I just wanted to pass some info along after my results of downgrading to the original firmware this router had when new out of the box. This would be the original firmware this had when new.. There is some good news from my results thus far.. To be fair ive only had this up and running for about 16hrs.. One major reason for downgrading was when I would do a basic reboot the reboot process would start but the router would never make a reconnection after.. In fact it was very difficult to even get the router to reestablish a connection at all.. Well with this original firmware this is no longer a problem.. It now makes a clean reboot as it should and reestablishes a connection after the reboot like it should.. Very good news there.. Also the Device Manager is showing things proper at this current time.. By this I mean Devices show when online and offline as they should.. And they also are showing the correct status of being wired or wireless.. Good new there! I also noticed in my log I no longer am getting a ARP table Error.. The only Error I am getting is the HTTP 404 Error.. But I will attach one log with the most current firmware and one log with the original firmware this router had new out of the box..  To be fair also one would likely not have to go all the way back to the original firmware but that is what I wanted to do just to see if these issues were present even then.. Again there maybe issues that pop up so I will monitor this and give feedback as things arise.. While currently I know you (Netduma) were saying some of these issues were cosmetic.. But I feel they did have a small impact on performance.. So I hope we can at least keep an open mind about that and not wright it off as just cosmetic until fully sure.. One last thing also I want to add which likely means nothing but I figured id share is that the CPU usage is extremely lower with the original firmware verses the newest firmware. Which could be because the original firmware doesn't have the features the newest does.. But the router seems to be much more responsive and doesn't seem to get sluggish when logged into it to make adjustments..  If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask.. There are things I do question yet but want to take this a step at a time so we can keep things straight and not to confuse one issue to another..
    Thanks Netduma!!
    Netduma Log1.pdf
    Netduma Log Orig firmware..pdf
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    jayvee028 got a reaction from Zippy in XR500 for PS4   
    As a temporary "fix" whenever I'm done playing PS4, I'm putting it in "Enter Rest Mode" instead of turning the console completely off.  This keeps the PS from ever going "Offline".
    @Netduma Fraser, do you have any idea on when we can expect new firmware?  .40 seems awfully buggy in a lot of different areas.
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    jayvee028 reacted to Netduma Jack in PS4 not showing as online in device manager   
    Hi JPat - we certainly do use it, and we have a dedicated testing team that is constantly working to get to the bottom of every issue that's raised. This particular issue with devices showing as offline or labelled incorrectly has been raised in another forum post. Our developers and testing team are fully aware of it, and are working on investigating it

    Whenever potential bugs are brought to our attention, they go through a big process to get them sorted. I'm hopeful that this particular one can get fixed in the next firmware, but there's no certainty on that. I hope this helps to clarify the process.
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    jayvee028 got a reaction from Netduma Fraser in Device Manager NOT Working   
    @Netduma Fraser you are welcome.  I upgraded back to .40 even though it's buggy lol.  I like the Ping Assist feature too, too much.
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    jayvee028 reacted to Durty in Constant reset and WiFi issues since update   
    Ever since the update I have to reset my router everyday. I have factory reset (twice) as i do ever update. Also, everything is constantly buffering. Netflix, YouTube, webpages, you name it. My isp swears I should get my full 1000 mb download speed and the only limitations are my hardware. However when I run the test on the router, my download never goes over 500, rarely over 460. Im still unsure if my isp is providing me with subpar service or if there is a limitation on the router. I think my WiFi buffering issues are related to smart connect or 20/40 coexistence. Whenever I disable those features I get a lot less buffering and higher resolution.  Thanks for your time!
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    jayvee028 reacted to AOrtiz in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Before I start, I will not comment after I write this. Its a simple post on my feelings that was long over due.
    So as an OG to R1. I wanted to take some time to see what develop before making any comments to the R1 update/non update.
    Ive been with netduma since the original launch and been very content with the product and technical suoport. I watched over time users become moderators, the making of brilliant developers, Tester and the tech support is superb.
    Now.. I totally understand the business part of it to bring a product concept to manufacturing and to be know, used and loved by the masses.
    Making money and keeping people employed is YUGE IMO
    But... something is missing or lacking and (IN MY OPINION) this release push back to R1 owners is not right.- SORRY
    Ive seen YOUTUBE commentators, pro-gamers who can move to buy (Because they have the money) or even be supported for FREE a new Netgear Router. - Brilliant.
    But what about the 3 years that we've been promise and waited for a new software for the R1.
    Now... I would of gladly paid for this update if this meant to support the NETDUMA ARMY, company and FAMILY.
    I felt like I was part of the team, so when I heard that "it was a mistake on your part for not designing backward compatibility" I need to call you on it, because once again, i consider you people very intelligent or maybe you were more interested in the netgear that you overlook the R1 AND LISTEN TO THIS... THE USERS. - Possible.
    Anyways.. I will continue to wait for the update, and maybe in the near future get to enjoy the new operating system for my R1.
    Take care and GOD Bless
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    jayvee028 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc   
    I'm talking about the options of the Geo-Filter Map itself, not the actual settings page.
    Also if Settings page doesn't load it's likely an Adblocker blocking it.
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    jayvee028 reacted to Netduma Fraser in Cloud Update - Optimised for Fortnite & PUBG etc   
    The cloud database has now been updated, it optimises Fortnite, PUBG and other games. Games that will be most affected will be those using AWS or Azure dedicated servers. They should now all correctly be identified as a dedicated server as well as all appear in the correct location.
    You will now be able to Filter within the region for both Fortnite and PUBG. The game will attempt to load you into the server if its outside your radius so wait then re-search and game should be within your radius.Alternatively you can use Spectating Mode / Full radius to see where the server is located and if you don't like it, back out of the lobby and search again.
    R1 Users
    The changes will auto install onto the R1 in 24-48 hours. There is no way to accelerate this. To filter these games, add your PC or console to the Geo-Filter and select either the Xbox Live or PlayStation service (choose either one if you are playing on PC) . Make sure Bleeding Edge is selected in Settings > Miscellaneous. After 24 hours of the update being completed on all routers if everything is working correctly we will move this to Auto Cloud.
    XR500 Users
    For XR500 please click Flush Cloud in the options on the Geo-Filter Map and it will automatically download the latest cloud. Then go to a different R-App and then back to the Geo-Filter. Then add your PC or console to the top of the Geo-Filter. If you are playing on PC, choose the Unreal Engine service. Consoles should automatically choose the right service. 
    Here is a video of the Cloud update in action on Fortnite:

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    jayvee028 got a reaction from ChriscomIT in R1 DumaOS Briefly Delayed   
    Seriously?  May 30, 2018 and still no DumaOS for R1?!?!
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    jayvee028 got a reaction from nunogsm in New Moderators!   
    Congrats, gentlemen!
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    jayvee028 got a reaction from pollutionblues in New Moderators!   
    Congrats, gentlemen!
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    jayvee028 reacted to Netduma Fraser in New Moderators!   
    Hi everyone, 
    With the increase in activity on the forum that we are likely to see with the launch of DumaOS we thought it apt to bolster our forum staff. Therefore we have decided to add 3 new moderators to the team. They are all old school DumaArmy members and have recently been a lot more active on the forum giving support to those who need it outside the Netduma working hours. 
    So please join me in welcoming & congratulating
    iAmMoDBoX BIG__DOG pollutionblues on becoming our new moderators!
    Disclaimer: No forum Moderators or Administrators are paid for their position (other than staff with Netduma in their name). They are volunteers from the community.
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    jayvee028 reacted to Netduma Iain in Play with other #DumaArmy users on PlayStation Network   
    I know quite a few of you are eager to play with each other. In fact we've had quite a few similar threads in the past. However it's difficult to search for them. So I'm sticking it here. If you want to play with other Netduma PlayStation users please leave your gamertag here. Happy gaming!
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