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  1. I shut off the Geo filter and it seems to be better but still agitated as it's taken two days to figure it out. Thanks for the ideas as to what was happening. Hopefully a update will come soon.
  2. Yes lettuce and cabbage errors, Ive replaced all my patch cables also had my friend from Comcast come out and make me all new coaxial cables and still getting booted constantly.
  3. Would this issue be why I'm getting constant errors playing Destiny 2 ? I play on the PS4 side and am having a horrid time staying connected. If so what's the fix?
  4. No I didn't rename the console to match what I named it in the router I would have figured the IP would had been the deciding factor. When I set it back to just PS4 it allowed me to go in and everything was okay. Not a big deal was just curious.
  5. Why would it not have been set to PlayStation device type? All I did was rename it in the device setting and it was listed as a PlayStation when I had looked. It wasn't until I went into the device setting again and took out my name that it allowed me to do so. Just trying to get clarity. And thanks for any info you pass along Fraser.
  6. I love it compared to the Arris modems I used to use. Seems to run flawless and never have any error codes or hiccups in my service. That paired with the Netgear XR500 has been really good so far.
  7. Thank you for the recommendation. On a side note I decided to take my name off of it and rename it to PS4 and now it is allowing me to do it. Not sure what the hangup is with that but it seems to be working as intended now. Thanks for the help!
  8. I'm looking for suggestions on my gaming settings. I primarily play Destiny 2 and a few other games but I'm looking for optimal settings. PS4 Pro Motorola MB8600 Netgear XR500 One question I do have is why it allows me to add my ps4 for Geo Filter but when it brings up the list it only allows me to pick from pc games? Did I somehow mess up a setting? And why is says Xbox under traffic prioritization? Any insight would be great and any recommendations. Thanks!
  9. My god I was like what is he talking about lol, thanks for the laugh. Good to know about both now to order it and get it set up. Thanks for the positive feedback.
  10. So right now I currently have a ASUS RT‑AC5300 and am looking to try something new. That being said would it be smart to purchase the NETDUMA and keep my old router as a access point for the wireless portion? Is there a way in the configuration to shut off wifi on the NETDUMA? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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