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  1. Netduma team, can we get any hint of when the update will be available, that would be greatly appreciated.
  2. No point on saying anything until after the few weeks are up. Talking shit here won't help and won't make the update come any sooner. I have every faith in the team to bring this update soon, it's one I've been looking forward to. I take it they've been busy and this set back just adds to the build up
  3. When I start the duma i get a 70ms on the xbox 1 console network, after a few hours this goes up to 175ms and things go from bad to worse. All the while on the duma it's says i'm getting a ping of 40ms. Is there something I can do to stop this, make my ping any better. I'm with TalkTalk with a DL of 2.3 UL of 0.7
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