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  1. Oh my goodness lol My email doesn't work but my username does I completely just blanked on even attempting to use that. Forgive my complete user erroneous ways and thank you for assisting me with this.
  2. I have updated to DumaOS and for now it does seem a bit more user friendly. I have added my playstation to geofiltering as it seemed to automatically detect it. Did all of my settings transfer over or is there anything I should change in particular as I don't remember my initial setup.
  3. Sorry, I think I posted in this thread after leaving the window open for too long and it timed out so it didn't go through I am still unable to sign in. I must be doing something wrong.
  4. were you able to set this? Still having the same issues logging on
  5. I did the flush all temp bans in hopes it would be easier to show my issue, that may have been a mistake on my end. I did not ban that server until after the screen shot and should have included the map to show it. How do I turn ping assist off? Just set its value to 0? Should I change my OS? Am I even able to with the old R1 router? Also, how do I force the ping to show up when it simply won't sometimes? Sorry for the boatload of questions I just really want to become more knowledgeable about this and get my online experience back to it's near flawless state as it was in BO3. I really appreciate you guys actively responding.
  6. This is also an issue where it will intermittently not show my ping at all throughout a match but as you can see the distance is well outside my filtered range. It appeared the host/server was in New Jersey. I have banned as I usually do.
  7. My log in process for Netduma support goes as follows: Try to log into site, password not accepted, reset through email, log into email reset password and successfully get logged in, come back to Netduma at a later time and repeat. Have tried many times with multiple passwords from multiple devices.
  8. Let me know if you need more than this. If so, can you explain how I show you what I need.
  9. I am familiar with the basics of Netduma OS and have done these things yet I am still being put into games well outside of the area with ping much higher than 40 (which is what I have set). These things worked for me on the same console under the same ISP with the same IP in the same home in BO3, yet they do not seem to work now.
  10. Worked like a charm in BO3 then I pop this game in and if anything it seems to be sabotaging me somehow. Constantly put on East coast servers despite blocking them everytime. Turning geofiltering off has overall made my play experience better. Can someone point me in the right direction or have there been that many changes on their matchmaking side of things that this is a problem?
  11. I have followed those steps and have found that there was one of the three spots where I had IPV6 enabled that I must have missed. This definitely made a difference and while it is a long shot from the 250mbps that Xfinity has listed as my plan, it will definitely work for what I intend to use it for. I have returned the nighthawk but that would have probably been the smartest idea. My wired test had me getting aroung 90 down and 10 up on OOKLA. The router is not restarting and I do believe the wifi seems to go out by itself while a wired connection is still hot.
  12. My old router (nighthawk X8) never had this problem and nothing about my setup has changed aside from this router. Have my own modem (Arris Surfboard Docsis 3.1) and am not getting anywhere NEAR the speeds I am told to get from Xfinity (which is understandable) but I am also a ways away from the speeds my nighthawk gave me (I acknowledge it is a better router in that aspect but it should not be this big of a difference). The biggest issue I have is wifi dropping on all devices in the house constantly throughout the day and I even had my wired console drop just now. I have checked the wifi work around, reset both router and modem, I believe I am on a good channel (although maybe could use some help figuring out the least congested one) and don't believe security is an issue. The 2.4 band should be plenty strong enough to reach throughout my tiny home with great strength. I am surprised I didn't see a forum on this on the front page and would love some assistance before I am forced to return this product.
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