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  1. In network settings port is 3074, so i have to put in Hypertraffic the port 3074 or the ports 30000 and 30040 or both?
  2. I mean i want to eliminate ‘’xbox live’’ in Hyper traffic settings, and replace it with an advanced setting relating only the ports used by Halo 5 multiplayer.
  3. I can’t disable IPV6 setting in LAN . When i go to ‘’apply’’ page restart and it is enabled again.
  4. Ok, and which of the standard xbox live porte Halo 5 uses for gaming? I think my idea will work very well, eliminating the congestion of the xbox itself and prioritizing the gaming traffic. I just need to know which ports are used for gaming
  5. I would like to eliminate the generic "xbox live" which includes both chat and invitations, etc. to selectively insert the ports used by gaming, you know what these ports are?
  6. I just think the Duma OS GUI is catastrophic. I don't like having everything on one page with a customizable gui. I really prefer the GUI of the netDuma original firmware. Moreover the GUI of the duma os is unusable from the iPhone and is inconvenient also because the page is so large that some parameters cannot be changed, it is simply not optimized for mobile devices. Furthermore the system is very slow, it is clear that the Duma OS load for R1 is totally excessive and making this OS available for R1 is an error. Regarding PING: it increased by about 5-10 ms using the netduma OS compared to the netduma original firmware, an imperceptible difference that makes a difference in games like Halo at the champ level.I just think you should take care of the R1 router, because it takes the medium-low range of customers. I think it is a mistake to stop the development of the R1 firmware to devote to a firmware suitable only for the very high end device.
  7. Moreover it would be the case to add customized profiles also for Hyoer traffic. '' xbox general gaming '' is very generic, for example I would like the Hyper traffic to only concern Halo 5 gaming, not chat, not downloading material, not streaming, not invitations, or anything but just Halo 5 gaming, the main purpose of Netduma is to improve K / D so it should be more specific about gaming functions.
  8. I would like to know if you are going to update the Neduma original firmware (not Duma OS) because now it is dated as it has no profiles for the new games just released. I tried to use the new Duma OS but it is simply unsuitable, ping goes up and performance is poor, it's slow, and can't be easily controlled by the iPhone because the interface is also bad, chaotic and complicated. So I downgraded to the official version. Also because I have friends who ask me if it is profitable to buy the R1 now, and nobody wants to spend too much money to buy the newer Router that is powerful but also very expensive, instead the R1 if only the software were optimized could be a product still valid to buy by calculating that it is cheap. I think you should do an update that aims to stabilize, fix bugs, and simplify rather than introduce too many new features. For example, calculating that the VPN function is useless and that nobody would use it since it slows down gaming a lot. Simple is better (apple teaches this) better a simple thing that works smoothly and smoothly than a complicated and cumbersome thing.
  9. Hi, i have 40 Mb (no MB) down, 20 Mb UP, i use netduma into a DMZ, i need advanced setting about advanced/miscellaneus settings as ,Port forward, hyper traffic, MTU,turbo mode, stealth mode,enable upnp forward,IPV6, Exclusively for OPTIMIZING Halo 5 on xbox. I have another modem / router suitable for all the other functions,so i need netduma only for H5,these settings on Netduma will only serve me for Halo 5, not for other games, not for other devices. I know that just add xbox live to hyper trafic, but I would like a more personalized configuration only for Halo 5 (not only the 70% up 70% down limit with reactive setting and geofilter) I would like a total configuration only for Halo 5. What do you recommend?
  10. I have little bugs like geo filter sometimes remains active if it’s disabled too, ping slightly increased from 42ms to (49 ms), sometimes the router crashes completely and I have to restart it. Maybe I entered some strange setting I do not know. These problems started after I upgraded a wrong version maybe updating to the J version will the problems be solved?
  11. can i have the download link for this software? i updated with wrong software ( g version) and now it doesn’t work very well
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