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  1. Cool... means they may give u a static WAN IP to configure on R1. I got my replacement that worked as modem only perfectly fine im back to normal. Hope urs fixed, nice talking to u TA
  2. Ok can u follow the below link may be im not explaining you correct way. I followed from the below method. beware you will have Double NAT error message in duma even after putting it in DMZ, but thats fine in background it works fine uill get good pings for me even the speed bumped up a bit i used to get 80 mbps now i get 93 not bad for me. https://portforward.com/help/doublerouterportforwarding.htm
  3. In the ISP router - u should do below ISProuter 10.x,x,1 (leave it as default) and R1 as 10.x.x.3(Set it as static) then disable DHCP Put 10.x.x.3 in to DMZ Then go to netduma Connect both the router with LAN cable Connect you pc to the R1 Now disable the PC lan and enable again, it will renew the IP address from the netduma DHCP pool. Do a test it should work.
  4. Sorry to hear that m8 But, I finally RESOLVED my problem. I tries this time a different approach. i disabled the DHCP from ISP router, assigned a static ip for netduma then connect as below Wall --> ISProuter(LAN)--> (LAN-POE port)Netduma ---> NETDUMA DHCP gives ip to all devices - ALL WORKING GOOD - Played FIFA with 19 ms lag and lost the game 5-0 Try the above and see if it works
  5. Nice good speed, It looks like it .... taking their word http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/fttn_registered_modem_router
  6. Yes, i went through that thanks dude. i find the below modem works fine saw this in the whirlpool forum https://www.pccasegear.com/products/36670/netgear-dm200-high-speed-adsl2-vdsl-modem Let me know if you find something else. Ta
  7. I can buy from the store i did some homework on this seems like the following will do the job. But man i am just being thrifty. Also telstra has sent me a new one so gonna try that if it doesnt work then probably have to buy the netgear. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/36670/netgear-dm200-high-speed-adsl2-vdsl-modem
  8. Thats awesome did u change R1 to 88.2 ? Well im on this post for 3 days now i just got one response from one kind person and then you m8.
  9. I dont think u can change the R1 to 88.2. Netduma kind of played with that i dont know Y. U can only change its 2 subnet which is '88'
  10. I tried LAN - LAN still dint work because the DHCP should be disabled on the R1 otherwise you wont get the internet working and ISP still treat Netduma as a slave and you wont able to control ur devices through netduma. That is where i am stuck now. You talking about configuring both to 88.1 now i dont know if it is possible but give try, I am sure it will give a ipconflict but hey im not network engineer im just IT service analyst.
  11. Sorry m8 dint realise that, then you might as well buy a generic VDSL/NBN modem from JB Hi Fi or Harvey norman.
  12. Did you follow this, there is some clear instructions on how to do it http://support.netcommwireless.com/faq/nf8ac-bridge-mode-setup-guide
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