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  1. Yep seems to be spot on now . Thank you! And just got my 2nd win loooool
  2. Its unticked. Had to untick it a while back on advice of you guys as there was something playing up somewhere regarding something lol. Ive now ticked it and applied the cloud settings again. Now is it a waiting game? EDIT: After ticking AutoCloud, for the 1st time since the update has released I am on a Server in Europe which isnt Ireland haha
  3. Yea I did all that when we were first notified of the upcoming update . Just clicked on Apply Cloud Setting again, should Auto Cloud be ticked?
  4. OK Ping assist is on at 30ms, geo filter still on and mm region is Europe, but connected me to ID: 98232af5c037acb1 Distance: 5935km in the US. Is this a game issue?
  5. Hi Guys, either I'm being really dumb or something isn't quite right. So I'm UK, and have set the matchmaking region in-game to Europe, and have got the GeoFilter on over the UK with a 745km Radius,, and its still trying to connect to to a server in the US? Latest one: ID: 242219e4bfc3f2f7 Distance: 7723km. Obviously it doesn't load. And I also have come across servers I cannot temp ban. Next time I come across one Ill get the info....
  6. Hey all, So this morning something isn't right. Its taking up to 7 minutes just to get into a lobby. Half the time I do I then get kicked saying 'disconnected from server' and sometimes I get halfway through a game and then kicked again saying 'game lobby closed, error code VALDA'. Connection is wired. Had to do a few things round the house and put some YouTube music on my laptop (wired to my Duma router), then went back to game and I couldn't even find a lobby. Had to turn YouTube off, reset ps4 and again, waiting ages to find a lobby. Any suggestions? Thanks
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