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  1. I’m pretty flexible right now as far as availability. I’m in the middle of a move and a job change. So tell me what works best for you I should be free unless i get a job lined up and I need to follow up on it.
  2. Hey thanks man! Yeah we are more fortunate than most brotha. I posted a date and time in the 1on 1 section let me know if that is too short of notice. I can try and move my schedule around
  3. I’m available tomorrow all day, but I can list sometimes for you if you’d like. 12:00pm-5:00pm If you’re not free tomorrow at all let me know I can move my schedule around a little. Let me know what works for you. Thanks for your help man!
  4. Fraser - It was a crazy experience to say the least. All of my settings are correct. I keep on getting that link. I follow the instructions and it works for about a game after I’ve done it a few times. Then I have to go through the process again and hope that it works. IIIRL- I tried all those settings when I first recieved the router. However none of them worked. The current setting worked fine until I changed the settings to fix my download speed issue. My download speed is pretty hit or miss, but it was better.
  5. Hey thanks Jacks. Just now trying this due to the hurricane Harvey. This fixed my download speed however, it is giving my NAT type problems. It says unavailable Now it is saying Xbox.com/xboxone/teredo I went to the URL and is not giving any help.
  6. Hey thanks Fraser! DMZ mode did not help. I actually tried all of those, but I skipped a step. I have UPnP enabled I just had to reboot my isp gateway and Netduma after putting in bridgemode. My Nat type is now open on both consoles Now I'm running into this issue. Before I got my netduma I had a 200mbps download speed wireless through my isp Gateway. Now that netduma is setup when I run a speed test I get 50mbps down from netduma. My upload however hasn't changed. Any ideas?
  7. Hi guys! I just recently purchased a netduma router, and i have been having issues with my nat. I have followed all the steps suggested by Netduma Jack here in this post: http://forum.netduma.com/topic/21570-unavailable-nat-type-xbox-one/?hl=nat+issues&do=findComment&comment=153946 Unfortunately it hasn't worked. I figured maybe since my ISP modem is a router/modem combo it might be a double NAT issue. However, when i go to put my DPC3941T modem from Xfinity in bridge mode to fix this issue my network won't work at all wired or wireless. Any suggestions?
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