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  1. Just to clarify when my laptop connects to the Netduma it says no internet access
  2. I can't connect to it either. I have tried several Ethernet leads to connect it to my BT router but it makes no difference.
  3. I did nothing, just tried to connect the laptop so I can see where the games I play cod on are located. This happened a month ago but just haven't had time to try to fix it.
  4. Can someone please tell me what to do. My Netduma has stopped working, I can't connect my phone or laptop to it. As a consequence I can't log in via my laptop to adjust any settings. Can it be fixed or do I need to buy another one? Thanks
  5. For me the UK server on the south coast plays terrible. The best for me is the server in the middle if Spain, 32 Ms ping but plays way better than the UK server. I live in East Anglia by the way.
  6. In the support section on here there is a server on the map for Ireland, however if I put my location and radius over that position I cannot connect to it. Is there definitely a server there? Thanks
  7. I have had exactly the same, my nearest server to me I get an 8ms ping and I often die before I raise my gun. It also feels like I'm playing hardcore, doesn't feel like health has been increased when I'm being shot at.
  8. Great, thanks for helping me out.
  9. Yes it did work thanks. If I am not worried about other devices accessing the internet in my house are there optimal settings for my download/upload cap and my device prioritisation? Thanks
  10. Hi, I live on the east coast of England. On BO3 I could always connect to a server in Ireland which gave me a ping if around 20ms and almost all the time the game played great. Now on BO4 I cannot connect to that server but always to one on the south coast of England. The ping is now 8ms but the game bis unplayable, if I am 1 v 1 I always lose the instant I see the other player. If i put that server outside of my search area it just says can't connect to server and takes me back to choose multiplayer screen. Very occasionally I connect to a server in northern France which is great but this is very occasionally. Why can't I get on this server all the time? Any other help would be much appreciated, thanks.
  11. I have seen players almost fly and as you say almost hover for ages, remaining in the air for far longer than usual.
  12. Does that mean if I rate a dedicated server at 88% then I will be more likely to connect than if I didn't rate it?
  13. Does that mean I have no way of avoiding connecting to that server? As some servers I get on give me terrible gameplay.
  14. When using this feature I will label handle as bad for instance then put the slider on 10%, but there is no box to click update, only temp. Ban, what am I doing wrong? Thanks
  15. Turrell90


    Thanks I will try that, in the American lobbies I struggle to kill anyone unless I shoot them in the back.
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