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  1. hey so lately ive been getting disconnected from games which i thought was the game come to find out, once i got kicked i checked the speed and for some reason my 300mb internet drops to 38mbps once it disconnects me from the game, any idea how to stabilize my speed to avoid being disconnected from online play? im wired not wireless i also did a speed test from the console and pc and once im kicked my speed drops dramatically
  2. perfect i think my problem was i was letting the system auto input my speeds on current speed test im getting 4ms ping 308.65 mbps down and 345.40 up now im getting faster speed results, im also running cat 6 cables wired, i will also test out the recommended settings to see if i keep getting the loss connection from the game session
  3. this game is a playstation title, i see some servers now on the geo filter, guess i was doing it wrong, however there is sometimes an issue, during the game with a peer to peer connection, i lose connection resulting in the game giving me a loss? im not using wireless im on wired connection anyway to prevent this from happening? also im on a 300mb internet speed connection when i do the test on the duma, i lose a ton of that speed
  4. huge fan of this mlb the show 17 baseball game is there anyway we can have this game added to the geo filter?
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