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  1. Cheers thanks for all your help . Really appreciate it.
  2. iv uploaded to you via netduma upload ,it says uploaded to your host
  3. struggling to paste screenshot,
  4. yes. struggled but have uploaded both ping and wifi screeshots hope youv received them
  5. Iv downloaded it ran . 1st by accident 2nd wired yo duma 3rd wired sky router. How do i get this info ylto you
  6. Thanks appreciate it . How do we do this
  7. Yes just checked them My nat type on mw remasted is moderate Redone settings nat type strict .
  8. just returned from my hols, still having problems with netduma, I would really appreciate a 1 to 1, just let me know when its convenient for you. I work shifts. so ideally for me would be sunday morning. I go to work from 2:30 all this week. next week night shift so I sleep till 3pm. Thanks
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