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  1. Hi, I am a new user to netduma after reading all the great review about lag reduction in games. Being a avid 30 yr old gamer (when work and family permits) I was Experiencing a bit of lag, more recently with cod iw with those very annoying symbols on the left hand side. I have the 200mb virgin package but more realistic get about 95 down and 25 up. I bought the netduma and followed the steps and guide provided including putting my virgin super hub into modem mode. One note though is due to the house layout I have to use the netduma to Xbox one wirelessly rather than wired, however the latency from the router to the Xbox one, was more than manageable (about 40ms). I then applied the settings that are advised by netduma. However I noticed I was still getting the lag, more than usual. After extensive research on google, netduma forums and youtube (mainly sims and some other guy I can't recall) I went on dsl reports to do some testing. I got my 'buffer bloat' down to a B (best I could get it) by lowering my congestion control levels to 70/70 as suggested. I tried all the permutations I could think of and 15/20 gave me a buffer bloat of A but the rest D's. I then ran a speed test and I was getting 25 down and 4 up. I then ran cod iw and played a couple of games and the lag experienced made it unplayable. I have tried prioritisation for my Xbox and without and have tried turning on share excess and off. I don't actually know what else to do other than switch back to the virgin super hub and return the netduma (which I don't want to do). I am 80% sure this is probably my error, not netdumas and something simple but I can't seem to get my head around it. I can upload whatever you need to, wether it be screenshots or test results etc. Any help would be much appreciated.
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