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  1. I have IPv6 enabled but looks like my console is always on IPv4 My NAT is OPEN, no UPnP and no port forwarding, xbox is on DMZ, like I said before, looks like UPnP on 3.0 doesn't open any ports for my xbox or ps4, but I'm not 100% sure, I didn't test it when I put my xbox into DMZ. My friend isn't in any insider program on pc or console, neither am I Yes we were both playing the same game and we can talk on chat in game. Doesn't matter how many people are in the party, every time my friend from PC joins it only disconnects me, even if I'm party leader, then I cant connect back to this party, even if my friend from PC left. And just like @Glitch x2 I'm using R1
  2. I've put it into DMZ, disabled QoS and geo-filter, turned off traffic controller and nothing helped. So finally I've bypassed the router and connected only to my bridge and it worked, I could talk with my friends that are using xbox app on pc. So I'm 100% sure that something is wrong on my R1/DumaOS side. Just want to note that UPnP in 3.0 doesnt open any ports for my xbox or ps4 If it helps I'm on version R1 3.0.105 and my bridge is ZTE ZXHN F601
  3. I have the same issue, tried everything you said and nothing worked, if 3.0 fixes it, can I please get an access too?
  4. @Bert I changed the MTU because I found a post on the forum to set it up just like it is on Xbox, so 1480. I did what you asked for, but that didnt solve the problem, I still notice 2-10% packet loss. Now I found another bug, when I turn on Anti-Bufferbloat and Traffic Prioritization it disconnects me from xbox live party chat after 30 seconds of chat, but when I turn them off, this goes away and I can normally talk without any disconnects. @Netduma Fraser If you think some of beta features are gonna fix this packet loss issue, then I'm up.
  5. Been testing it all night and even on my other ISP I got the same packet loss. I get 2-10% of packet loss at the beginning of the game, and it goes away to 0% when player count drops to 80-70 people. It's happening only in warzone, every other game mode and game works flawless. I got the same issue back in May 2020 and when I installed dumaOS it got fixed. I only have this packet loss since last game update.
  6. I have exactly the same issue, as this guy in this post: So basically I searched whole forum to find a way to fix this but no luck. What I did: 1. Applied Geo-filter onto my xbox 2. Enabled Anti-Bufferbloat and Traffic Prioritization: TCP - Source Port (50000:65535) - Destination Port (3074:3075) with xbox 3. Changed MTU to match my xbox MTU 1480 And finally I got two differend internet proviers at my home, so checked if this problem occurs on other router and it didn't, no packet loss so I'm 100% sure there is something wrong with my Netduma R1. Back in may I had the same issue but when I installed dumaOS it got fixed, until last game update. Now I've no idea what to do next, can someone help me fix this? My firmware is R1
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