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  1. feeling alone here... but actually better for the moment => seems analyzing network problems and "routing" all the data via WIFI thru a Windows laptop (where WireShark was running) is not really helping. I've ordered now a managed switch to be able to test / sniff really. Will update here as soon as I've all needed components and tests done. @Admins: As this thread is already long and it seems I've pasted "useless" information: I hope it's ok when I will create a new and proper thread for further analyzing..
  2. Hi Boldshoter, thank you for your answer. So add me to the "desperately" waiting for the new OS then as well :-) Kind regards Marc
  3. Hello there Is there a way to "make netuma stupid"? I mean, that the router is just acting as a router. => I've a FTTH - Gateway. When I attach my console directly to the FTTH gateway I've some problems. Seems the FTTH can't handle traffic in such a "mode". So I would like to use the netuma (for testing) as a router only. So no firewall or anything. Just routing all to my PS4. Kind of setting my PS4 into a DMZ on netduma. Is there any way to do this? Thank you and with kind regards
  4. Hello there I was now finally able to run WireShark during a game (not yet via my Netduma, will do this tomorrow). What I needed to do was: 1. Install WireShark on a Laptop 2. Share my network (WIFI) connection (to a LAN port) 3. Sniff on the shared connection (LAN port) I've then pasted my results in a support forum of one of my ISPs. Interesting what I've learned there: Could be that my stuttering / lag is caused by GVSP packages that are being dropped, lost or corrupted. (BLOCK_DROPPED), (RANGE_ERROR) and/or (PACKET_RESEND). More about GVSP: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GigE_Vision Any idea on how I can track down the network host that is causing the problem? In another forum I've found this: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20749274867 If you are interested in the details of the WireShark Log: WireShark Log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_ngPyobKVJac1JuZlQ0NGFaV3c/view?usp=sharing Video I've recorded in parallel: https://youtu.be/AA2ma5aFUpA Log / Protokoll (time is correct +/- ) ps. in addition I've seen that various servers seem "talking" to my ps4 during a pure P2P game. Not sure why or if this has an impact. Some of the servers:
  5. Hello there Long time gone... still facing often lags in FIFA17 via PS4 as well as XB1. I've one question: What would we do in a 1on1 session? Just going through the configuration of my R1? I am still 99% sure that my problem is either on the EA servers (how ever they are involved in the P2P game modes) or on a "hop" on my way from my place to the EA servers and or my opponent. Here my question: What way do I have to test this? I still have a licensed version of ping plotter, but so far I would not know which path to check. I've found "utas.fut.ea.com" and "utas.s2.fut.ea.com" in another thread on reddit. While the ping to those is great, there is massive packet loss on some of the hops (but all of them are in the UK). Who can help me with: 1. What IP-Adress I shall "trace / ping / plotter" best? 2. What settings shall I use? I think best idea would be to go with UDP packages, but which ports, which size? pictures from my current ping plotter: strange thing, they both run in parallel, still different hops having packet loss. I will run some tests later today do see how things change when the usage will be most probably higher. On questions more: - when I just use a IP from "any player" in Europe in Ping Plotter, it is likely that the path could be another on my PC compared to my PS4 right? Worst case it could be as well that an PSN server is causing lag for me? I am asking as all my content from the internet on the PS4 seems to slow with some delays.
  6. Hi Fraser, sorry was involved to heavy in work this week. => I will setup the pingplotter this weekend and come back in regard to an 1 on 1. => In general I think my current settings are quite nice. Will test further and let you know if it stays good and share the settings. Kind regards and have a great weekend
  7. Hi again Just played 3 other matched an had the netduma gui open: 17-18ms ping, no peeks during "stuttering", there was once an increase to 50ms during the match, but not during "stutter time". And there was no increase at all in the second match, but again a lot of stuttering, with an 17-18ms ping... Ping of 18.3, but tracert not finished: I've also on with completed tracert, but I know you do not need the tracert ;-) So if you like, find the pic here: http://forum.netduma.com/uploads/images/1498501579-U16852.png Video: "Yes I would do one ping plotter on it's own, see what it says. You can use Twitter yes. " OK will setup today or tomorrow. "The host you had - the one in the picture that you traced is not an EA server, it's just another player. I checked the ID, it's correctly located as well. If that trace is correct then it could be going to an EA server but only for authentication as you are connected to another player." Yes I know that the host is the other player (in P2P), but still it seems that I've heavy lags / stuttering with an 18ms ping. So I assumed that it's maybe caused by the EA Server which is "dong what ever" during the game as well. I think to get this I need to watch a tutorial how to sniff with wireshark or lanc. "Thats a really good ping, is it stable. I am happy to take a look in a 1 on 1 but it sounds like the Netduma is doing it's job so may not be much I can do. " Yes the ping is great (or even better) and I agree, the Netduma is doing the job. But I am happy if I can find the real problem behind my lags / stuttering and "Post in the 1 on 1 section: http://forum.netduma...request-1-on-1/and I will have a look. Please note I need around a days notice. Please read this first before making the post: http://forum.netduma...1-on-1-request/" OK great idea thank you, I will check tomorrow. Working from home tomorrow and on Friday, so I could also do some tests during the day.
  8. Hi Fraser "Were ALL your pingplotter results due to running multiple tests at the same time?" So far yes, but I can run more tests if needed. "If not that's still the big cause of your lag." Agree if pingplotter was real, this would explain. But would be strange that both fiber lines are lagging. But I will setup a long time plotter again and ensure just one ping is running at the time. Shall I use twitter.com for this? Or an actual EA Server? "As you've said trace is inaccurate so don't use it as a diagnostic tool." But do you agree with me that it's "funny" that it seems always an EA server is involved? For me this could clearly explain some of the lags. That the server is miss located is clear, but for me it's less about where the EA server is "sitting" but more about THAT an EA server is there an having a negative impact on my game, even it is supposed to be P2P. "What ping are you getting to the game? Do you notice any ping spikes when the stuttering occurs on the game?" Ping really depends, I've played opponents with 8ms, EA Servers with 30ms. So I would say normally 20-30ms in Season game mode. If you have had a look on the videos: You will see stuttering and slow downs, you will never see the "lag indicator" from EA. So really really strange behavior.
  9. Hi there I am still suffering from heavy lags, wich are more likely slow downs or some "latency optimization" from EA. Loos at the trace to my opponent: Yes I know trace is not accurate... but why else should I see such lags all the time when the opponent is close and ping is good or even great? Video from first half: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YuzFGsiWhzg&feature=youtu.be Video from second half: https://youtu.be/7PNmoTkRYpI Any ideas why I am suffering from this kind of lags?
  10. Hi there, seems this host from FIFA FUT is mislocated: ac9fc9943c4b9499 Distance: 9472km (from Switzerland) Ping 38ms (from Switzerland)
  11. Hi there, seems this host from FIFA FUT is mislocated: ac9fc9943c4b9499 Distance: 9472km Ping 38ms Can you please correct it?
  12. Hi AlsaibaiH, as you did not read thru the posts you missed to idea of this post. So not relevant but anyhow thank you.
  13. Hello Fraser and Zennon, thank you for your answer. => As you can see by my last comment/edit I've seen that in another "workspace" from pingplotter some pings where running in parallel. Have you seen this and still say: nope definitely you should not see this amount of packet loss the short times of "no loss at all" support this go and contact your ISP Or considering the parallel pingplotters running "must" cause a situation like that and I have to run more / other tests? If yes, what do you think would be a good / realistic period for the pings, 2.5 seconds? Or shorter as I assume during a FIFA session the packages are sent within millit seconds, not seconds. But I fear I start comparing "Apples and Pears" Thank you and with kind regards
  14. Hi there I've done some further testing, and it seems something is not right with my ISPs Modem/Router, I've done some testing during the above timeline; 14:18 Modem / Router Restart 14:21 Disconnect Cable to the ASUS WLAN Router 14:24 Modem / Router Restart 14:27 Disconnect IPTV Box 14:28 Modem / Router Restart 14:32 Disconnect AVR 14:34 Deactivate WLAN on the Modem / Router 14:36 Modem / Router Restart 15:07 Modem / Router Hard Reset (Power Off, pull power cable, pull fibre cable) Shall I ran more tests? Or do you think I should request some tests from my ISP strait away? UPDATE Seems again that some pingplotter tests where running in the background (not really understand the logics of this tool): So let me do some tests more... (argh...)
  15. An here three different detail views about the packet loss. It seems there are times without any loss, but the times with huge loss is definitely more present then the opposite. 1. 5 minutes overview 2. 60 minutes overview (see around 13:00 and 13:33 almost no packet loss 3. 180 minutes overview (more often packet loss than no packet loss)
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