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  1. no it works as it used to for other games except sfv with the new patch, as far as population goes the game has as many users as before. The maps still works so all i have to do is check to who im connecting to before accepting a match to make sure there not to far away with the seach disabled im still able to see who im connecting to before i accept the match so i guess in a way the router still works i just have to screen the match before i accept which is only a slight bother.
  2. it will still find games i have it set to strict like it was before the patch, however the games it does find it takes longer to find them and it usually only finds 3 or 4 bar connection games. I used to use the playstion network to find matches which worked fine till the latest patch ive also tried using the xbox live one as well.
  3. like the title says since the update it dosnt seem to work as well anymore it will find matches at a slow rate and most of them are laggy but if i leave it off i can just look at the map myself before i connect i was wondering if anyone else had this issue
  4. As the topic says after the patch with the new character Ed the geofilter stopped working the only way it finds games now is with geo filter off and i watch the map to make sure the person im connecting to is in my circle any ideas?
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