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  1. Hi All, Can anyone tell me if Host Filtering is supposed to work on BO3 on the PC? Cheers, Tanky Edit: Found that you need to use XBOX Live.
  2. I used OP's settings pretty much for trying to get as close to the dedi as i can with 31/31 u/d + hyper traffic (pre-empt because bt infinity), games are a lot better until someone who lives at the DC joins the lobby. The game is generally slow though. Loading, daily challenge updates and randomly kicked from war.
  3. I'm the same as lllRL, also in the UK. Thought I'd landed 2 or 3 shots on a guy not facing me shooting from a tank.. he turned and head shot me. Even in IW I don't think I raged this much.
  4. In the current settings, the only thing that fluctuates is bufferbloat from A+ to A. Can't do extended periods on pingplotter but it's pretty stable. I even run a dsl report and it stayed pretty flat.
  5. Firmware is now @ 1.03.6g running on rb-951g-2hnd. This is with preemtive This is with reactive No settings changed between tests.
  6. I just got this with preemptive, 30 down and 85 up.
  7. I've been using reactive but leaving share excess ticked with distribution all even. Whilst writing this I downgraded the OS from the recent fix for wireless, because it all started to be an issue from then.. So perhaps that wasn't helping. 100% up and down looks better. Still not able to get an A when I adjust sliders though, but it's a start.
  8. Hi All, Can anyone help me with setup? Been looking around at various videos and the latest 'thing' i'm seeing is BufferBloat. Two images, first is direct from my ISP router, second is via Duma after some adjustment to get A+ bufferbloat. The issue is that apparently I'm dropping or re-transmitting over 12% of packets. Misc: Enabled Enable deep packet processing. Enable upnp forwarding. Enable cookies. I've tried rebooting, removing other devices, wireless disabled and various settings on and off. I've also played around with the U/L D/L caps + Algorithm. The highest I get it via the Duma is a C, but bloat is way off. Like most of lllRL's posts, i'm just outside of London and it's pretty bad the majority of the time. Cheers, Tanky
  9. I have to admit, I've read and tried everything suggested in any forum topic that had the letters I and W in, and nothing worked for me. I changed my NAT to moderate and suddenly i'm on a level playing field again.. Thanks for suggesting that!
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