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  1. please change the name of this thread... it is giving me anxiety attacks for christ sake
  2. Here's the situation, I have no problem with my R1, it usually does what I ask it to, dumaos might be better, but I don't know. I do have a problem with being lied to though, and that is what is happening here. I am a patient man, but the childlike, lack of communication is leaving kind of a bad taste in my mouth.~ there I vented~
  3. that's not what this pic says you silly rabbit
  4. just think, if you guys put this much effort into writing your local representatives about actual real problems and issues, than we might be able to change the world....or atleast make topless sunbathing legal
  5. lol It has been a "few" decades since I was in school, but I think I remember the teacher telling me that punctuation is everything.
  6. did you know that if you zoom in real close, and take a clear pic of a full moon, then tint that picture green...it looks just like a seedless watermelon......
  7. meh........... https://youtu.be/BDXRT53QduU
  8. I'm just here to complain about my Wife using menopause as an excuse for everything she does.....am I in the right thread?
  9. I earned the gamertag BlindMeatShield! my vision is now 20/600 on a good day(no, glasses don't help) if you need any "tips and tricks" on how to continue to play CoD efficiently let me know. There is just something satisfying about outplaying people in CoD when by all accounts they should have crushed me.
  10. all of a sudden everytime I reboot my modem and netduma, my CC, geofilter, and misc. settings get reset..any ideas?
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