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    Trueseeker got a reaction from CRAZYLEGS in Does Netduma work 300 down and 30 upload...   
    I have 300 by 20 and can't get these speeds with a At on bufferbloat on Reactive, you have to use Preemtive which slows your speeds a lot. I can get an (A) sometimes but not consistent with cable internet that flux due to people getting online in neigborhood and such which sometimes move it to a B which is hard to win gunfights. Don't have anything check in misc. set settings to 70 to 70. Prioritize doesn't work FYI and you want to use DSLreports and use test speed to see A in bufferbloat. Hyperdrive doesn't work either or it didn't during BO3. Hopefully this helps, I'm looking forward to the update cause the router for what you paid for is lacking.
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    Trueseeker got a reaction from CRAZYLEGS in Does Netduma work 300 down and 30 upload...   
    Also something about port forwarding screws with the router as well, hard to get At with port forwarding. When you sign into the game, make sure your map is all open to allow all servers open, then close map down to what you want
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    Trueseeker reacted to nollies1 in Infinite Warfare LAGGGG   
    Do you have other CoDs to try it on? I'm only one dude here, but in my experience, and trust me I am just as infuriated lol... this is my experience:
    - AW and Ghosts: It completely works, highly noticeable
    - Blops 3: Realllllly had to pretend it works. I'd go as far to say that far too often feels within the margin of error/placebo effect
    - IW: It "works" as intended, I am sure of that, but the reality is it just doesn't work, end of line. I have no proof to share, but I am 100% convinced the game code is such trash that the lag we experience far outweighs the benefits the duma gives us toward the other categories of lag.
    Hands-down, I have a better experience with the thing turned off and dealing with all the wtf's and those crappy servers I get placed on. The experiences are so frustrating when I have it turned on that it's just not worth it. I have literally lost real world friends who will not play with me in game because I am now typecast as having "That router that only makes it worse"
    *Please note that it is a perception based on real experience, and also that this is not about bashing the router; for what it's worth, the same friends I reference here are basically the same who would do anything to party with me back during AW.
    But it just doesn't work "like it used to" in IW. Only headache. It's driving me so crazy I enjoy fantastical conspiracy theories such as "Activision encouraged the devs just screw anyone who owns this router" lol, you know, out of spite because it messes with their business model that promotes 12-year-olds on McDonald's Wi-Fi to kick ass etc etc.
    Sorry, I'm digressing here. The bottom line is that it's a great router and does everything that it's meant to do, unfortunately that's not enough imo to address whatever nonsense has been coded into these past two titles.
    ( I understand if this gets removed, it's probably not good that I wrote this, but again I'm not questioning the router but rather was hoping to give you what sounds like some much-needed free therapy )
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