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  1. Can you send me the firmware as well, having drop issue too. Also notice when I modify my DNS non of my devices change to the DNS I put into the router. When I use any other router the DNS changes all devices.
  2. Priority packets not working, no light. I have it prioritizing my console and nothing changes. Also Geo filter when I load COD ww2 the partal of the servers show up and then disappear once screen loads up. Then when I start a match, it goes right into a match then players from all over appear. It's like the servers are down or something cause theirs alot of lag lately.
  3. Can't update V1.0.0327 new GUI language, just kicks me out every time it's about to download.
  4. I use the turtle beach tournament headphones that plug directly into the controller and also have Astro A40 that plug into controller to troubleshoot, I’ve use it with the TAC and without to see if any change and there wasn’t. I’ve notice you can’t use UPNP and port forwarding at the same time cause it cause interference. I’ve had time since this update that my router will drop WiFi and loose connection where I have to turn off completely my modem and router and then turn on in order to get them to pair correctly. I have a netgear modem CM600.
  5. I found out the issue, it’s with the UPNP on the XR500, if you turn it off and port forward or port trigger, it causes issues. I port forward ps4 WW2 with port 80, 443, etc. within 45mins I here a crackling sound through speakers in headset, my player looses connection while still playing in game and it’s hard to control and comes and goes and gets worse where I rebooted the router. Which also causes me to have to reboot modem than reset router to reconfigure to get a connection and then turn on ps4. Have to do those steps to get a connection which is strange. I know it’s the router due to me trouble shooting, I connected my Asus AC5300 again and didn’t have the problem the XR500 was having with port forward. Also when I do port scan even with upnp or portforwarding the ports are still closed, so I don’t thing they are being opened by the router and theirs an interference of some sort.
  6. I had same issue with XR500, also had to restart modem and then router reconfigure everything then turn my PlayStation on due to having issues connecting. This is a real pain and hopefully they fix the issue. After every reboot the router can’t find my modem which is a netgear modem btw and have to do a complete reset. It’s like the router can’t communicate with everything once reboot.
  7. Since I’ve done update had issues, just now my router dropped WiFi and I have been loosing internet where their scratching sound through game audio like internet was unstable and my character couldn’t control movement. This is 2nd time my router has done this.
  8. Ps4 Nat fails with new update on XR500, have open Nat on WW2 but not to PlayStation when I check my connection. When I sign in I have to open my geo filter to max to allow ps4 to connect, then I close filter to COD profile to play. Once I play awhile I think it block PlayStation again because shortly after I have lag in game. With new update having more issues than I had before on this router. I did real well every morning with the router playing COD, going 30-1, 26,2, etc, but since update I barely go positive. Also when I delete console off Geofilter, it’s like you can’t even play with it off. Why is that? No need to spectate while in party. Also don’t think port forwarding works because I opened ports and I checked ports to see if they were open and couldn’t get them open regardless if I used upnp, port forwarding, and trigger. This is the only router connected.
  9. Thanks for the quick response, you guys are awesome. I use IPv4 Time Warner Cable, 300 down, 20up, but I usually get 325d and 23up. I play with shared ticked and when multiple devices are steaming latency and the way the controller feels with the sticks feel heavy (stiffer) and player moves slower, I uncheck the shared button and the sticks feel looser and can notice difference in game with player moving faster. I know it’s not placebo cause I’ve tested many routers including AC5300 by ASUS and that thing can’t handle more than 10 devices playing cod competitively. I have your R1 as well, great device just was tired of always having to adjust settings for each different cod or daily play and 2.4 WiFi. Also I notice when I move beyond 70% on both and down/up to 100%, especially when theirs like 1or 2 devices connected it better games in WW2. I have my ps4 under console priority and duma games ticked I only had one problem so far where the XR500 during game booted everything offline and wouldn’t fix itself unless manually hitting the power source, that was after 3 weeks of running smoothly too. It’s a great router, haven’t seen 21ms pings to local servers and 29ms in game pings in a long time. Usually get average 35ms with AC5300.
  10. -Bufferbloat needs to be relooked at to midigate latency while multiple devices are in use. -the clover to spread out bandwidth seems to make gameplay worse while sharing to all is checked. - I find that with multiple devices running, unchecking share play helps with mobility in call of duty. Some reason feels like the game plays with a negative NAT when you lower sliders to 70% and adjust clover. It happens regardless if no ones on or 20 people are, the XR500 has ok moments, but seem like QOS needs to be relooked at. -netduma should add an app to be able to utilize a iPad or iPhone to use dumaos instead of a computer.
  11. The router was working great, had tv, ipad, 2 ps4 playing at once and haven’t had one problem since I bought it until this last hot fix update.
  12. Both WiFi and Lan cable. I was playing WW2
  13. Random internet drop off and couldnt connect to router interface. Rebooted router and fixed problem. Been working fine for 3 weeks, some random reason the XR 500 needed a reboot like it crashed and everything dropped connection.
  14. Ping is consistent to 28 to 30 on speed test during day and night goes to 31- 32 max. Pretty consistent
  15. Bufferbloat is set to always, my speeds are 300 down, 20 up, but I get 325 down and 23 up. I set my connection speed to 295 and 19 and get and A during the day. Like I said I can’t just keep the settings there and have bufferbloat work. When I turn off bufferbloat I get A’s but they are not +. Geo filter will be set with lobby with friends at server pinging 35ms at dedicated server, then a game later it pings 80ms at the same server that didn’t move. Also had a 2 bar in WW2 in the lobby and didn’t even show him where he was playing from, but I knew him and he played from west coast. So GEO filter not showing everyone playing and not updating location. I have to flush cloud to get update and sometimes that doesn’t even work
  16. I’ve had the xr500 for 2 weeks now, needs a serious update to fix bufferbloat. I get all A’s accoss the board, but have to keep adjusting sliders to after every match or even during to find an A. I run DSLreports and says same thing drops bufferbloat to B and C randomly especially late night at 10pm eastern. I still get A+ on everything else besides bufferbloat. I have settings set to 70 during day and buffer fine with 15 devices running. The geo filter doesn’t update on where the host is or location after several matches. This router is like the R1 with better WiFi and processor but have to do the same adjusting every time like R1 which is annoying.
  17. Need new list for infinite warfare due to new update, cloud was working last week, but some reason after cod update it's showing dedicated servers that's connected too close and showing everyone in lobby on map.
  18. Also something about port forwarding screws with the router as well, hard to get At with port forwarding. When you sign into the game, make sure your map is all open to allow all servers open, then close map down to what you want
  19. I have 300 by 20 and can't get these speeds with a At on bufferbloat on Reactive, you have to use Preemtive which slows your speeds a lot. I can get an (A) sometimes but not consistent with cable internet that flux due to people getting online in neigborhood and such which sometimes move it to a B which is hard to win gunfights. Don't have anything check in misc. set settings to 70 to 70. Prioritize doesn't work FYI and you want to use DSLreports and use test speed to see A in bufferbloat. Hyperdrive doesn't work either or it didn't during BO3. Hopefully this helps, I'm looking forward to the update cause the router for what you paid for is lacking.
  20. Failed NAT on ps4 when connected with asus ac5300 for house router. I put router I to DMZ with device manager, also open ports with UPNP?
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