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  1. So yesterday i had an issue which was resolved by restarting my main gateway and it started working great, today i login and now get a unavailable NAT type with message about Teredo. Ideas?
  2. SonnyBeVapin

    Xbox Double NAT type detected

    seems like a good old fashion reboot of main gateway solved the problem for now..thanks
  3. SonnyBeVapin

    Xbox Double NAT type detected

    Which I have to do through my mains gateways interface, correct? I only want to use netduma for my PC and Xbox, will this affect anything else that gets wifi from main gateway?
  4. SonnyBeVapin

    Xbox Double NAT type detected

    Just tried turning off netduma wifi and still same issue. My PC and Xbox are connected to my netduma which is connected to my main gateway, if that info helps any. Thanks
  5. After upgrading and connected my xbox, I am now seeing a Strict NAT type and the message "double NAT type detected" How do I fix this?
  6. Ok so congestion control is the main feature that will not be used when doing it how i mentioned? I game primarily at night when others are sleeping, so not really sure congestion control is beneficial at that point anyways. SO Im thinking I am good to go with having just my xone and pc wire into the netduma, right?
  7. Ok so I have a modem/router combo which has the netduma as a DMZ. My question is, what are the advantages or disadvantages of having all other hardware connect to the wifi off the original modem/router and just my xone and pc connect (hardwired) to the netduma? What features of netduma will not work with this method? Hope this makes sense. Thanks
  8. SonnyBeVapin

    Can't Get Teredo IP Address?

    I did disable geofilter and tried it and it worked, but the next time i went to play i forgot about doing that and it gave me error again. If I leave it unticked is that ok? Im not 100% positive what exactly the filter is doing.
  9. SonnyBeVapin

    Can't Get Teredo IP Address?

    I get the same issue ever since getting my Netduma. Only thing that works is unplugging and plugin back in the netduma. Not sure what causes it but that the solution i have found so far. Would love a more permanent one, but dont know what to do haha
  10. SonnyBeVapin

    Netduma losing connection??

    Thanks for the reply. I checked/unchecked everything you said so we will see how that works. So my ISP uses a mode/router all in one type deal, will this affect the netduma that much? I know people and have read other post where they are using two routers so not sure why this would be any different, but maybe its the cause of my issues? Speed test done from PC wired to Netduma: Ping 2ms DL: 76.72 UL: 15.54
  11. So i have had my netduma for two days..yesterday it worked fine and today i just kept losing connection? It literally just drops me out of my game and all my devices lose connection!!! not sure what is going on, but would like to know cause i just spent $200 on this thing
  12. That is what i thought thanks
  13. So this might be a dumb question, but what happens if I use my netduma only for my PC and gaming console, and everyone else stays connected to the original wifi we have? Or do all devices need to be using the netduma in order to get all the benefits from it, such as congestion control, etc? Thanks Sonny