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  1. Hello, I have a friend showing in the wrong geo location and read that I can include his Id# in a post and the guys here at Netduma will fix it. His Id# is 992fae79cc38b8bd and his real location is Irving,Tx. Thank you..
  2. Ok that gives me a better understanding of how it works. We were able to connect last night without any problem with the geo filter disabled and with the UPnp port forwarding disabled under misc settings. I believe i have him white listed now and I think part of the problem was he was not showing up on the map in the area that he lives but everything seems like it is working now even with the geo filter in effect. So I'm setup like the optimal setting guide shows and I'm using UPnp instead of port forwarding with UPnp port forwarding disabled under misc settings and I will add you need to give the geo filter a little time for it to update and your friends may not show up on the map right where they actually live. Thanks again to everyone who helped figure this out for me.
  3. Thanks for the clarification, I figured that the purpose of the white list was to enable someone to connect regardless of the filter range. If I have someone on the white list does that still force them to connect to a server within my filter range or is it possible i might end up connecting to the server i white listed that's outside my filter range?
  4. Ok I will try that and keep in mind the dynamic IP address issue. Thank you. Does anyone have any comment on whether or not white listing someone in fact allows just that friend or the sever they connect trough and the whole thing about allowing others to join through that server although they are outside my filter range.
  5. Bagsta69, I will give that a try also, thanks. To let everyone know I will post the results even after we get it working for future reference and trouble shooting.
  6. Fraser, everything is correct according to what you are asking with the exception of the UPnp forwarding in misc. I assumed that it needed to be enabled if you were using UPnp forwarding. To be clear I am using UPnp and not port forwarding at this time, i will disable UPnp forwarding in misc after work and try that. Yes i did have the geo filter zoomed out to where it covered most of the U.S. and he never showed up on the map. Once we were in a game there were lots of circles on the map, not right where he lives but close. If he could be showing up somewhere else, should I white list all the circles in his nearby location and then remove them one by one as we play over a few days until i just have him white listed? Also I was asking if I have someone on the allow list does that just allow them or the server they connect to. Just wondering if other people could join from outside my filter distance through that white listed sever if it is in fact the server and not just the individual that's allowed. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  7. We are able to connect only afer the geo filter is disabled for about 5-7min even if i restart the ps4 and reload IW. But i have not been able to put him back on the allow list because he is not showing up on the map. How do i get him to show up so i can put him on the allow list so i can turn the geo filter back on. Also, if i put someone on the allow list does that let someone else join the party through that server that i put on the allow list or just that friend that was in the party when it was allowed? Just trying to understand how this works.
  8. Ok, tried what you suggested Bozo and it didn't fix the issue. We did connect through party chat but it was only when a third party entered the chat. As soon as the other player entered would could hear each other talking. Last night i changed back to UpNp ticked UpNp port forwarding and i noticed i had general gaming selected under Profile so i changed it to COD and we did connect via part chat although we again had trouble with party chat later but it is working better. While we were on party chat and unable to join in IW we decided to try and join playing Bo3 and it worked instantly, "?". So we went back to IW and were able to join up. Played again later that day and could not join again. Turned geo filter off and still could not join, restarted ps4 and still could not join, after trying for 5min or so we were abke to join with geo filter off. Anybody know how long it takes for geo filter rules to take effect?. After we had joined and it was just us in the party i looked at the geo filter and my friend was not showing on the map, is that normal? He only lives about 75 miles from me but he didn't show up. One other time i looked when it was just he and i and there was a circle up near the Michigan/Canadian border and it was only us in the lobby.
  9. Thanks Bozo, I will give this a try tonight after work and post the results.
  10. Hello everyone and thanks for any help i can get on this problem. I have a PS4 with Type 2 NAT in network settings and open NAT in Infinite Warfare. My buddy that i could always connect to before I installed my Netduma is also type 2, open NAT in IW. We can't connect with each other unless we join another friend that is party leader of the lobby or if one of us is playing in a match that the other one joins after the fact. We have joined each other a few times after both of us finish a separate match then quickly join the others pre lobby party. I have other friends that i have no problem connecting to, even one that is moderate NAT. I have tried just using UPNP with it enabled under misc settings and I have tried manual port forwarding with UPNP off with it disabled under misc settings. I have also tried connecting to him with the Geo filter disabled with both UPNP and port forwarding. I have the following ports forwarded TCP 80,443,1935,3074,3478-3480 : UDP 3074,3478-3480,9307-9308. I can't figure out why I can connect to a friend that is moderate but not to one that is open. Also when we join a party chat it says I can't use party chat due to the parties having a incompatable NAT type. I have also put him in allow list and that has not helped. Any ideas??
  11. Hello, I'm on firmware version 1.03.3 and need to upgrade and i have remote access checked. Thank you.
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