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  1. Performed the factory reset and now nothing's changed, also tried to go into the Nintendo eshop and can't all other internet services work. Also switched back to my nighthawk router and everything works just fine. Should I just return the netduma just seem to be having problems and the gel filter I purchased the device for causes me to disconnect from destiny.
  2. I will try the factory reset to see if I am able to play the mass effect multiplayer.
  3. also modem cisco dcp 5216, just tried to hard shutdown of the netduma and still can't play the mass effect andromeda multiplayer
  4. trying that right now, also the geo filters don't even work causes me to get kicked all the time from destiny I had to completely disable them. That was the entire allure to the device
  5. yea i'm familiar with that but it is definitely not the case. I'm fine when i switch back to my nighthawk router
  6. Purchased and setup a Netduma connected my xbox directly to the unit and unable to play any mass effect andromeda multiplayer. Disabled all geo filters and also loaded the general gaming profile. No error messages my character just will not load up. I setup my original Nighthawk router and able to play all games just fine
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