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  1. I have yet to see an error code since I installed the new modem, so please close this issue!
  2. I purchased the DrayTek Vigor 130 and I've been testing my connection with it since Saturday. So far it has yet to fail with an error code and the ping monitor graph I have has been impeccable. I guess the modem in the Nighthawk is way better than the cheap Netgear modem I bought to use with the Netduma. I will keep testing for a bit, but based on my current results I don't think I will see an error code again (unless it is Bungie's fault like earlier tonight).
  3. Yes, I'm still getting error codes, especially in the Tower / social spaces, so I think I will have to do an experiment and either use the Nighthawk as the modem or buy a better quality modem. Anyone know of any good quality VDSL modems?
  4. Thanks for checking the configuration Chive, I'll test it this week and a lot more this weekend. Any reason for adding 443 TCP as hypertraffic but not port forwarding it?
  5. Yes, I believe it is a problem with the modem, as restarting that only usually resolves the issues. I just need to figure out what to do, perhaps it needs re-configuring before putting it into modem mode, however I didn't think any settings applied before putting it into modem mode would actually remain when in modem mode.
  6. Yes, that is correct. I am not using it most of the time because I fear it will cause more error codes until I figure out why this happens. Before playing tonight I hard reset the modem, Netduma and console to ensure the best connection and I was able to play for about 4 hours tonight with no issues and no error codes in the Tower (was there for about 10-20 minutes).
  7. Just logged in for the first time today (didn't reboot the modem or Netduma), went to the Tower and got error code beetle, which kicked me to orbit and gave me error code bee. I'm trying to go to the Tower again to see what else happens. I did get error code bee again, but now I'm in the Tower, so I shall see how long I can remain in there!
  8. I know you are trying to be helpful, but you have asked me to do this several times and I have said I am using this set up, I said I would test this and now I am coming back with my results, which are generally more stable than before, as I can survive in the Tower for long periods of time, however last night as soon as I hit a social space after doing about 3 or 4 hours of raids I got error codes. These error codes then continued to happen until I quickly decided to reboot my modem, as I was doing more raids and didn't want errors. I get the feeling these error codes might be because of the modem. You can see above my connection from last night from an external ping monitoring service. I was using this fine from about 6pm until you see where there is supposedly big packet loss at about 12:45 am. This big packet loss is because I rebooted the modem and went offline, as a few minutes before then I went to the Tower and got lots of error codes. Before rebooting I decided to reboot the game and try again, joined the fireteam who had now just begun the opening of Vault of Glass raid and still received the same error codes even in there (note that this is a patrol area, which is a public PvE instance and not a completely private PvE instance, I'm not sure if their patrol areas are strictly P2P or if they connect somewhere else too). After rebooting the modem I had no problems at all. One other thing to note is that I had host filtering disabled and was not using it for the several hours mentioned above, from 6pm until 2am. What is confusing to me is actually during one of the more stable connection times the error codes appeared, yet when there was a higher average ping and greater fluctuation of ping all was fine. Any ideas?
  9. Hey guys, I've been testing this out and there isn't any difference. I can play the game fine and not get any problems, however once I hit the Tower or social spaces there is a good chance I will be hit with error codes, mainly anteater.
  10. I managed to get it to load the cloud settings again. I believe you were correct, as I had to reset my modem again (but nothing else), even though I had done a proper power cycle on everything before. If it doesn't work now I'll get your help with Teamviewer thanks!
  11. Yes that would be helpful. Not sure what the issue is, but it looks like I can't change my cloud settings now, they don't appear to be loading and that might be what the error is. Also just got error code anteater in the Tower .
  12. OK. I've set it up this way and will give it a go for the next few days. Will try Vault of Glass tonight and this week, so hopefully I'll be able to come back with thumbs up. Come to think of it, I think the majority of the time I used the Nighthawk I relied on port forwarding as I didn't actually realise what UPnP was, however with either setting I didn't see this much instability on Destiny. One quick thing, now that I have changed these settings, every time I go to the "Miscellaneous settings page" now it says "Error loading misc page. Please post issue at forum.netduma.com" any idea why that is? Also I had to use the same DNS on the console that I used for the router, which is / to get it to connect, but that shouldn't matter, I believe your port theory is the reason for the Destiny instability.
  13. It's not that I don't want to use the rules, my understanding is that disabling UPnP and using port forwarding also results in the inability to forward those same ports on another local device or is there something more clever going on here?
  14. I will follow your guide that you have now translated into English and see if it fixes things. One thing I didn't want to do, which is in your guide, is port forward, what if I want to use those ports on another device too? I don't get lag, this isn't a problem, I just get error codes for no reason and mostly in the Tower? Also one thing I forgot, which might be crucial to the issue, is that the modem, Netduma and console DNS settings are always through Google for the router (primary and secondary In your guide you suggest the DNS for the console as the router, which might make a difference.
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