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  1. i use ethernet bud.I only use sky for gaming and my pc everyone else has virgin.i get fiber on monday will it affect my settings thanks again bud for your help appreciate it
  2. yes netduma in sky dmz and i had to sort out ps4 ip and yes its online with a open nat hope it stays like that and thanks for your help bud
  3. yes but its finally open,but i get this message on device manager we have detected you have connected to another router
  4. hi thanks for that but i tried that this morning and i cant get a open nat
  5. HI, Has anybody managed to get there duma setup with sky q hub,ive tried everything i can but cannot get it to work properly.
  6. Finally got time to say hello guys,Had my duma for 8 months now and love it,cant wait for the new software.
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