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  1. Will do! About 2 and a half hours here in on east coast of US til launch. I'll definitely be on here as I play hardcore the next couple days. Thanks.
  2. Making me nervous bro lol. Im in the US but still, don't like hearing that Netduma users are having issues in D2. Hope it gets fixed.
  3. Greetings all! Excited Guardian here about D2 dropping in 2 days. I was wondering if there is anything on my Netduma router that needs to be changed from D1 settings? Do we know that info yet or is it something we will have to figure out after the game launches? Last I was told, we don't need to use Strict Mode, Change cloud numbers off of Auto and set to the last number in each drop down box under Misc. in Settings. Is this still the best settings for D2 launch? Appreciate you all, any helpful info that would make my life easier would be grand. Take care Guardians!
  4. Morning all from the east coast of the US! I was wondering what the optimal settings for Destiny 2 should be? Should the Cloud settings all be set to the last number as Destiny 1? If this topic has already been created, I apologize, but just wondering what the best settings are to not get error codes. Good luck in there! Skleeve
  5. Not when I posted this, but I'll be on the lookout for that and let you know. Thanks for the reply.
  6. I've been booted 3 times since reading this, checked the map but never show a lock symbol. Not sure whats going on and out of ideas. I still have cloud settings as you mentioned and no strict mode on. and after posting the above post, 4 game of trials i got booted flying in with Quail error very sad about it.
  7. I applied the Cloud settings you recommended, as well as turning off Strict mode. I'm still occasionally getting Rabbit, Quail, Beaver, and other errors periodically. It doesn't seem as bad, but still happening kind of often. I did play trials with geo filter completely off and it went ok all night with no issues. Any more tips?
  8. Just did that...let's see what happens. Thanks for the quick reply!
  9. Question for you all, I'm on the east coast of the US and noticed lately that I'll get booted from Destiny as I fly in to PVP matches with error code Beaver quite often, and sometimes i've gotten Rabbit error code. Even when I go to the Iron Temple on Saturday, I got booted randomly with a Beaver error code. Originally this happened to me in Trials and I just assumed I was matching against someone outside my filter, and it prevented me from even going into the match. Normally when I remove Strict option, I was pretty good to not get booted and cause my team a loss. I also would have my filter circle across the entire US, if that matters. So, why do I get stopped so often from entering matches exactly and get the Beaver error? Is this simply matching against people outside my filter, or can this be just a terrible host that the duma is stopping me from entering a game with? Are their any Destiny players on here that use Netduma, and if so, what settings do you use during Trials to make sure you don't get kicked and cause a loss on the card? Thanks for any help you can give. Also, is the Destiny profile still up to date and the best settings to use? Btw, I've not had many issues at all with my netduma and still very happy with my purchase. I should probably get on here and ask more questions to make it better, but I love the router and glad I went with it. Thanks team.
  10. I've had this happen too, mainly in Trials. I think I've still had it happen with Strict off as well, but Geo on and radius covering entire US. I've had to completely turn off Geo to make sure my two team mates don't keep getting pissed at me. So besides disabling strict, what else should I do to help stop this? Thanks for any help!
  11. Im a Duma noob, sorta, and only seem to have errors pop up in Trials. Im in the US, expand the radius to the entire US and turn off Strict mode, got booted and loss added to card. I can't remember if this happened when I completely disabled Geo, but I don't think it did. Not sure if this was mentioned but I would LOVE to see a section dedicated to Destiny on here, especially with 2 coming soon.
  12. Hello everyone. I've heard great things about this forum's community, glad to finally be apart of it. I just received my router 2 days ago. I only play Destiny on X1 and have a question I haven't been able to find on here or in videos. I got the jist of the geo filtering tool, but my question is how do I know who the "red bar" players are inside the geo fence during a game? Is there a way to know this info? And I've heard on videos that "the bigger circle is typically your host", but in my geo fence every circle is big (same size), so how can I tell who is actually hosting the game? I do load the Destiny profile, if that matters at all. Sorry if these are noob questions, just want to use this Netduma the best I can. Thanks the help!
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