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  1. Love this product, but i have an issue with the ammount of devices that i currently connect to my modem. I have around 15 to 20 devices in my family, plus all the people that come to visit and need internet (parents friends, etc.) so I end up with literaly around 50 devices, which makes congestion control almost unusable. I constantly have to go and delete any devices that i don't recognize, and in most cases i need to restart the router to clear the connection to be able to delete it first. What i would like to have is a way to group/categorize devices so i can assign respective bandwith, for example: all mobiles would get 10% all streamers (netflix, roku, etc.) would get 30% consoles would get 50% And everything without category would get 10% This would make it more manageable and easier to configure, almost a set and forget. Currently i constantly have to review the devices and adjust the percentages. In addition, I would add a "known" device checkbox to identify my own devices, and an option to have any "unknown" devices to be cleared out every 24 hrs, or at least a way to delete without having to restart the router. thank you