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  1. heres the results over 1 hour https://share.pingplotter.com/D3H47Xym6Tk https://share.pingplotter.com/3eEYG2ozD6z https://share.pingplotter.com/CpSWHNKiwS7 https://share.pingplotter.com/bQ4tr14WxhY https://share.pingplotter.com/FhsgqtTb3sW
  2. Good point. Will run some pingplotter tests throughout the day and come back with results
  3. I've contacted by ISP 3 times in the last two weeks, -'d they've done tests for packet loss each time, told me there was nothing wrong with the signal or anything. I'm pretty sure it's IW's netcode, as many people have been complaining as of late about it. Also, all cords are new, also the router is their latest version, got it last week. So I guess it's just the terrible servers causing my packet loss, I believe it happens to my isp the most, from what I've seen on twitter at least. Will try connecting everything when I'm up, and I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks!
  4. Will do! I'll post back with the results. Thanks.
  5. Ever since i factory reset, this happened: http://imgur.com/a/l6JUN Its not a crazy problem, but figured i should shed some light on it
  6. Hi, so I just got my netduma, (mainly for cod iw and its insane packet loss / spikes) I went through the setup and all, and looked online to understand the misc settings. (I have a router by the way, and i plugged an ethernet cord in from that to the netduma) I have 100 down, 10 up, w/ Rogers Cable in Ontario, Canada. I've linked screenshots of my misc settings here: http://imgur.com/a/9EplW I then went to host filtering, did 30 ping and about 1500km, and found a match. It was amazing, now packet loss symbol at all. (The only device connected to my internet at the time was my computer and iphone, both of which werent being used, and i also had the device prioritization on 80 for my ps4) I played about 5-6 games with no lag, and the very rare lag spike. Throughout the day i tried several other settings to try and fine tune the settings as best as possible, but now im constantly getting the packet loss symbol in game and im skipping a little less than i used to without the net duma. I did a factory reset and used the original settings i used before, but same thing. The thing is, im using the original main router for everyones wifi in my house, instead of the net dumas wifi. So i assume that would mean the network speeds are being shared over these two routers, (they arent bridged, i tried to bridge earlier and nothing worked, so i had to factory reset my main router) and i may be getting slower speeds on the duma, and it cant use the congestion control properly because the bandwidths too high? Is the solution to simply connect all devices and see what the game is like afterwards? I figured i would post this here incasethere could be other problems. Thanks! (cc was capped at 70 for the successful tests, reactive)
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