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  1. Remember, It's "Netduma's software combined with high performing hardware" https://netduma.com/support/faqs/can-i-just-buy-the-software-instead-of-an-entirely-new-router/
  2. Thanks for the link BD.. And the 1 day ban. Men vad bra, Då vet jag. Skall börja skriva på mitt eget språk här inne jag också då.
  3. I just pointed out to Mr "Herr Papa" (for the 101st time) that this is a ENGLISH section of the forum, Head on over to the French section if you want to comment in french. http://forum.netduma.com/forum/21-netduma-fran%C3%A7ais/ My post gets deleted for pointing that out. But violating the forum guidelines again and again by commenting in your own non English language, That's perfectly fine?
  4. Yeah, But to what cost? Having your hands tied behind your back, Being forced to basically lie to your whole customer base due to a NDA? OR think a little larger and team up with a good hardware manufacturer (or/stay with Mikrotik?) and release DumaOS on a beast router AND being able to run your own show without having to abide by your Netgear master. I would rather hear that "We have tried everything in our power but we are very sorry to say that we can't make DumaOS run 100% on the current hardware.. If you want DumaOS you have to buy our upgraded router" instead of hearing all this last minute back compat legal nonsense. Im sure that alot of us would have accepted that (With a few exceptions of course). But that's not gonna happen anytime soon thanks to this awesome agreement Netduma made with Netgear. You honestly think that Netduma are the ones calling the shots right now? Im pretty sure that the reason for all this BS is a legal issue.. But definitely not a legal issue because of some "backwards capability".
  5. Waaay back i told the devs not to announce anything, let alone go public with release dates unless they were absolutely certain that they could deliver.. I did this a couple of times, practically begged them not to do that.. So they deserve some backlash imo. Also, i keep hearing: It's FREE, It's a FREE update, you should be glad.. FREE FREE and FREE. Yes, I am happy about that. But then again, Why would it not be free? It's a firmware update, big or small it's still just a firmware update. Name one company that charges money for a firmware update? We bought their product, and it was not exactly cheap so of course we should get the latest firmware for free. To quote Bricktop: "Of course fcking of course" [YT]
  6. Btw, Nice twitter feed you got going @NETDUMA. XR500 XR500 XR500 XR500 XR500 XR500 XR500 XR500 XR500 XR500 XR500
  7. Nice to give a statement like that just a couple of hours before it's supposed to be released, You guys just happend to receive that info out of the blue the same day DumaOS was expected to be released? Call me a conspiracy theorist.. But that just doesn't make any sense at all. You kinda want to check and sort these kind of things out BEFORE you make any announcement. "A few more weeks" yeah.. (not heard that one before).. This is a textbook example of what to do if you want to piss off as many customers as possible, What in the earth were you guys honestly thinking?
  8. Då kan ju jag skriva på mitt egna språk också, Trots att det är en Engelsk avdelning. You guys already have a French sub-forum, How hard can it be to post there instead?
  9. http://forum.netduma.com/forum/21-netduma-fran%C3%A7ais/ Ce n'était pas si dur était-ce?
  10. It's always good to turn off modems/routers every once in a while, It clears the cache on the devices. So i say yeah, why not. But you are not gonna notice any changes on the electrical bill
  11. Try turning on both Turbo mode and super turbo mode and then test your speed. Also, the "speedtest" that can be done on the PS4 itself isn't very reliable.
  12. You kinda answered your own question. 4K @60hz requires at least an hdmi 2.0 HDMI cable. For 1080p a "50hz cable" will work just fine.
  13. If your connection is bad thanks to poor ISP routing or due to some other issue between you and your ISP.. No router in the world is gonna fix it. "Goes down during peak hours" HFC? (coax).. If so, That can be the problem. Not enough capacity during those peak hours.
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