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  1. ps21.850

    Geographical region is not correct

    thanks but my geo fillter works fine im talking about on black ops 4 option network menu geographical region when i plug my ps4 directly to the cable modem i get the correct geographical region location which is Florida but when i plug the ps4 in to the xr500 my geographical region changes to New Jersey which is 1018 miles away from my location
  2. ps21.850

    Geographical region is not correct

    i tried to move it but that still doesn't work
  3. im playing bo4 blackout on ps4 pro and when my ps4 is plugged to my netgear cm1150v modem my geograhical region is in Florida which is correct on the bo4 network menu but when i use the xr500 my geograhical region is in New Jersey and that is 1,018 miles away from me please help´╗┐
  4. ps21.850

    host filtering

    i did the factory reset from miscellaneous settings and from the back of the netduma and still does not work and i can't see the ping assist or my location or the geo filter the loading bar at the top just keep trying to load but nothing ever happens
  5. ps21.850

    host filtering

    i just tried this and its not loading
  6. ps21.850

    host filtering

    @MrBrutalFrosty thanks for tring but that didnt work either
  7. ps21.850

    host filtering

    i have been using the netduma r1 for about three months and a about two days ago my host filtering will not load up the load bar at the top of the screen just keep spinning and never load up everything else works fine i have unplugged it reboot it and still does not work
  8. everything works on my netduma except the host fitering page just keeps loading and never shows up
  9. i was just checking back to see if i can upgrade now from the 1.03.4 to the newest version
  10. ps21.850

    speed issues

    I'm on wired connection and I'm using the red cable that came with netduma r1 and I don't have turbo mode because I'm on version 1.03.4
  11. I have a problem with my speeds when I connect my MacBook pro straight to the modem and go to speedtest.net I get download speed 180.15 mbps and upload 24.25 mbps but when I connect the MacBook pro through the netduma r1 I get download speed 63.83 mbps and 24.20 mbps upload is this normal?
  12. ps21.850

    two ps4 with open nat type

    i was wondering is there a way that i can have two ps4 systems with open nat
  13. I'm on the old version 1.03.4 and I would like to upgrade to the newest version thanks
  14. i have version 1.03.4 and I would like to upgrade to the newest version thanks