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  1. Im getting 934 down 26.5 upload and my internet package is 940 down 42 upload. So what is causing my ping test under load to be so high?
  2. Even at 100% i only get 500-525 download and 20-25 upload speeds. I have only had this xr1000 for about 5 days should i return it to bestbuy i get another xr1000?
  3. Hey guys i just noticed when i go to speedtest.net im only getting 500-525 download and 20-25 upload speeds when coming out of the XR1000 but when i bypass the router and connect to my netgear 1150v cable modem i get 900-945 download and 35-43 upload. could this be the problem with my pingtest under load grade?
  4. even if i set the sliders to 2% i still get D for my ping test under load and everthing else is A+. my internet speed is 940 down load and 42 upload
  5. I have tried to use auto congestion control and advanced congestion control and no matter where I put the sliders my ping test under load stays a grade D
  6. i use the auto settings and every time it puts the sliders to 50/50 and i still cant get better than a D score on my ping test under load
  7. Im having trouble with my xr1000 router. No matter where i set the sliders my ping test under load never changes from grade D please help
  8. thanks but my geo fillter works fine im talking about on black ops 4 option network menu geographical region when i plug my ps4 directly to the cable modem i get the correct geographical region location which is Florida but when i plug the ps4 in to the xr500 my geographical region changes to New Jersey which is 1018 miles away from my location
  9. i tried to move it but that still doesn't work
  10. im playing bo4 blackout on ps4 pro and when my ps4 is plugged to my netgear cm1150v modem my geograhical region is in Florida which is correct on the bo4 network menu but when i use the xr500 my geograhical region is in New Jersey and that is 1,018 miles away from me please help´╗┐
  11. i did the factory reset from miscellaneous settings and from the back of the netduma and still does not work and i can't see the ping assist or my location or the geo filter the loading bar at the top just keep trying to load but nothing ever happens
  12. i just tried this and its not loading
  13. @MrBrutalFrosty thanks for tring but that didnt work either
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