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  1. Mm i don’t see the yellow caution triangle.. and for the disabling of the geofilter, you mean the the one that’s says enabled box, under the show host box??
  2. Hello again, yes I’m using the geofilter, how can I disabled it??? When the disconnection occurred, the red circle on the geo filter map shrunk away..
  3. Hi friends, I’m a fifa 20 gamer, I need some advice, because as soon I’ll start a match on the division rivals or any mode of online gaming in fifa 20, I’ll suffer a disconnection, the most far I can get in the game it about minute 2 and then the game suddenly disconnects, any suggestions?? I’m on the R1 original firmware, thx
  4. Yes I’m on the original firmware, so you’re suggesting move my home location closets to the server locked, to allow the radius to connect ??
  5. I’m located in Mexico, I’m not so sure if the game type connects to a server or directly to a player, when i search for a player on the map, only appears a red circle when the connection it’s successful, in the range that I set in kilometers, I noticed 2 or 3 grey locks out of the range..
  6. Okok, thx, I’m in the 1.03 6h version, if I chose to change to the dumaos, there’s no risk to brick my modem ??
  7. Thx Alex, what’s the difference between those versions? Which one is better? Dumaos or the original r1? I’m spend my time mostly playing the fifa series, thx for ur help
  8. Hello? Somebody to answer this question? It’s happened to me the same thing
  9. Hola, actualmente tengo la versión instalada en router R1 1.03 6h, quiero saber si tengo que actualizarlo a la “j” gracias,
  10. Hi, it was very help full !!! I just untick the strict and then the geo filter and voallaa!!! Don't need to put the numbers on the cloud Fraser, thx guys now my destiny it's running smoothly
  11. Hi, I got problems to connect whit destiny servers, already try to untick the auto&bleeding boxes on the miscellaneous and set the 21,15,25 numbers and nothing, as soon the game sign in I get an error on screen that says: CANNOT CONNECT TO DESTINY SERVERS.. also I've follow the guides for optimal settings, I try whit FIFA 17 and works fine, the issue is whit the destiny config because I connect PS4 directly to the isp modem and connects the destiny servers!! Please help me
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