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  1. I signed up for the email but never received the file. Was hoping for help to upgrade my R1 to DumaOs. Thank You!
  2. Still waiting for them to just be upfront and say that duma os can’t run on the R1....
  3. Are there any updates for Duma OS yet?
  4. So there are no new features/changes on Duma OS (Netgear), so it’s pretty much the same software just thrown on better hardware and a new $300 price tag.
  5. So does Duma Os include the anti jitter and anti spike feature? What exactly are the new features of Duma OS?
  6. I thought arris modems were a big no no for they have a history of messing with the Duma? Sorry if I'm asking a lot of question I just noticed that I have one of the incompatible modems and it's causing a lot of issues.
  7. Do any of the compatible modems have a phone jack??? Also out of all the compatible modems which one do you recommend?
  8. So would using thw nighthawk in ap mode causes ping spikes with the Duma? How would the Duma be impacted by changing the modem from an incompatible one to a conpatible one?
  9. Isn't the ac1900 from net gear a router, not a modem? And by compatibility do you mean with congestion control?
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